Server Hosting - Transfer Map & Player Data

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  • Server Hosting - Transfer Map & Player Data

    Hello Server Help,

    @red51 I have just purchased an online server @Nitrando for Rising World. I was playing a singleplayer map with friends before purchasing and setting up this online host. We would like to continue our journey on the online server.

    I have already transfered the "World Folder: Savaria" to the online server and changed: "server_world_name=Savaria", so it would not setup a new World.

    I was wondering... Is it also possible to tranfer my and my friends their date (current: location, inventory...) to the online server? I thought this was part of the World Folder, but It seems that a new character is spawning when joining the server at the moment...

    Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:

    With kind regards,

  • Sorry for the late response! Player data is stored in the world database, so when moving your singleplayer world to a server, the player data should be still there (so when joining the server, you should still have your stuff etc).
    However, in order to store or load the player data, the game uses the UID of the player. When playing with a pirated version of the game, players don't have a valid UID, so the server cannot find this player data now.

    Fixing this is a little bit tricky: You have to open the world database with an SQL editor (e.g. Navicat), go to the "Player" table and replace the UID of your old player entry with your correct UID (it can be found in the top right corner of the main menu of the game, rightclick on it to copy it to clipboard) ;)
  • Transfering private game to my server.

    I tried importing my private world into my private server. I had 2 issues so, i ended up going for a new world and blueprinting structures and item granting myself to a same state . but my initial imported game had the same layout with constructions, but had 2 issues. no items whatsoever anywhere, and one of my structure had grass blocks floating in it. like only the top of a hill.