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A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • It appears Mixer is the new safe haven for streamers. You get everything from the get-go without relying on external plugins and bots. You can have them, though what you get out of the box is far more awesome. Mixer behaves like an RPG/Mobage with how the more you interact, the more you level up. With the Sparks you earn you can send interactions into chat for added effect.


    - Rising World tab:

    - Tower Unite:

    - VRchat:

    - My Account:


    Yeah, as hypocritical as it probably make me siding with Twitch when it was (Twitch vs Youtube), I now have to side with Mixer. Twitch USED to be awesome when I followed Nagzz21 back onto Twitch. My friends streamed on there, and etc. Now Twitch simply sees $$$ taking advantage of it every chance they get. I'm thankful for how far people got me on Twitch, I however love where Mixer is going. I'm also considering going back to Youtube this fall-Winter, yet Twitch did something they shouldn't have. They alienated a nice portion of their fanbase, supported animal abuse with Alinity, and they kept jabbing at Ninja far too much while eventually promoting porn under their banner. Owner of Twitch also went "RIP ;)" aimed at Ninja. Highly disrespectful.

    Well, I took a whirl of Mixer finding it to be awesome. Its a nice RPG-like streaming platform with the more you do, the more you level. You unlock further unlockables, and etc for chat and interactions. Because I can also stream Azur Lane on my tablet using 'Mixer Create' I'll be streaming more often, something I can't do on Twitch applications. Twitch is weird alienating their mobile fanbase. A little hiccups, though they may be ironed out. I'll still keep my Twitch as a back-up for Rising World, and etc, I'll however now be found on Mixer. If you want to follow Rising World goodies, make sure to keep tabs on me on Mixer.

    I'm not abandoning Twitch, just toning things down. Time to grow a following on Mixer. If you want to help me grow, do join. If anybody else is on Mixer, post your links below. Vortac and Weem, if you lurk, please do share your Mixer accounts as well, if you have any. Let us try and grow the Rising World tab over on Mixer, though if you want to wait for Unity version that's also fine.

  • I love how I said I'd stream on Mixer every night to only find you can't stream on Android devices because it mutes sound. That blew my bubble of enthusiasm that I just felt "dead". I also found out I lost a follower on Twitch so I guess there is also that. I just lack the energy to stream because of how my games tend to stutter also and how much people tend to complain about various things. I just want to stream in a peaceful manner.

    I also want to play Rising World yet have to wait on Unity version to release so there's that waiting game. Its going to be awhile before I stream again. I need to find my motivation & etc....... Too exhausted & everything.

  • Videos only last about 15 days before they're deleted on Twitch. I did stream and I did try making videos for Kdenlive to prevent me from uploading them onto Youtube. I wanted to add so many images and it only recognized a few portions of them. I haven't streamed anything proper on Mixer yet.

    I 100% honestly miss my chill streams of Rising World just building and whatever. If people find it boring then sucks to be them, but I honestly miss those when I remember back to the "good old days". I hope the Unity version shall allow me to have these same moments, among more. :)

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