Red I need your help! Can you create a custom build for a plugin im building?

  • Hey @red51 ,

    As you know im building an epic shop plugin for our server and am looking to get images for every item in the game, as it's difficult to collect all of them from within the .jar file as most of them are rendered in one way or another, would it be possible to create a special build of the game that removes the "PREVIEW" text from behind the item, and change the background color behind the item to #00FF00 (solid green) so that i can easily capture and mask out the background on all the items images?

    I have 2 licences of the game, one on steam and one on the standalone version, so I would be able to run a special copy of the standalone version easily for development purposes.

    I know you're busy with the new version update, but if you could do me this solid, i will forever be grateful!

    Thanks! :)

  • Hey, well, basically we have three options here ;)

    On the one hand, I could add a setGuiElementColor() method to the Internals class. The method is already there, it's just not yet exposed to the API. This enables you to change the color of an existing UI element. If you need a big preview, you could double click on the element and change the color of the fullscreen-background to green. That would look like this:

    The code for that is simple, it would be something like this:

    public void onCommand(PlayerCommandEvent evt){
    int playerID = evt.getPlayer().getID();
    Internals internals = getInternals();
    internals.setGuiElementColor(playerID, "CraftingFullscreenBackground", 0x00FF00FF);

    As mentioned, this doesn't work yet, since this method isn't exposed to the API, but it would work after the next update.

    The downside of this is that you have to double tap on the preview in order to enable the fullscreen preview.

    Option 2 would be to set the crafting background invisible, and add a green panel at that position. You also have to move away the variation increment/decrement buttons. That would look like this:

    This would be the code for that:

    Again, this will not work before the next update is available. The update is almost ready, I guess it will be available in 1-2 weeks.

    Option 3 would be to just use renderings of the objects. Objects are rendered "on the fly", but there is a renderobject command available. Unfortunately it's broken atm (resulting in wrong colors), but we'll fix that for the next update. The downside is that this command only works for objects (e.g. furniture), so you would have to retrieve the item icons from the game files.

    Please let me know if one of these options would work for you :)

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