Concept Launcher download for Mac doesn't work

  • I watched a video on YouTube of this game and was impressed so I invested the 9.99 and have been anxious to play. Unfortunately the Concept Launcher app download doesn't work. I've tried numerous times and on different networks and every time it downloads, I unzip the files, and when I launch either the x86 or 64bit I get the following error messages:

    "" is damaged and cant' be opened. You should move it to the trash.
    "" is damaged and cant' be opened. You should move it to the trash.

    Any ideas if and when a working version of the game will be available?

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered this problem on Mac! Currently I must admit, that the Mac version indeed has two big problems: An effect called SSAO does not work, it's enabled by default and causes the game to crash on MacOS, and apart from that, the Mac Launcher does also not work out of the box.

    We will definitely fix both issues, and I'm really sorry that they're not fixed yet. It's mainly related to the fact, that we don't have a MacOS testing environment.

    However, here are some workarounds for the issues:

    1. First of all, to start the game, you can alternatively use the terminal. You can download the "universal version" of the game (that only contains a .jar file). It's recommended to use some start parameters (they may not be necessary), this would be the line (on a 64-Bit OS) to execute the jar:
    java -jar -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=1536m -Xmx1024m concept.jar

    2. You should disable SSAO, but you have to do it manually. After the first start of the game, a "" file is created in your game directory. Open it with a texteditor and watch out for "graphic_ssao", then simply set its value to false.

    Within the next weeks, we will do some major changes to the game (this includes a new launcher etc., but we will annnounce it here), and you have our word on it that we will definitely fix the MacOS issues and offer a "working" (and signed) App then :)

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