A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hi would love to see added to the game

    1) More plants, flowers, so we can design our gardens and and beautiful flowers in all sizes and colors.

    2) A tractor so we can cut the grass and turn it into planting area, and other farming tools would be great.

    3) Water Sprinklers would be fantastic, helping our crops to grow.

    4) I would like to see more tile designs.

    5) More textures

    6) Easier way to remove soil when digging for example be able to choose square or round shape and size, maybe a shovel would be the tool that as those choices in.

    7) More house items like more furniture etc I think if we had a choice of wallpaper designs for our homes and maybe be able to use a paint brush and paint to do the walls what color we want would be nice.


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