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  • Hehe, well, we've updatd the language settings for some accounts manually :saint: I don't know why, but while importing the old user data into the new forum, the language setting got messed up for some users :dizzy:

    Nevertheless, I'm glad to hear it works now :D

  • game is russian how to change english

    The game does not support Russian (only English and German are supported atm), so if it's Russian in your case, it looks like you've installed an unofficial language pack (i.e. replaced or added new language files).

    If you've modified existing game files, you can revert to the original state if you verify the integrity of the game cache in Steam:…/view/0C48-FCBD-DA71-93EB

    If you've added new language files, you can simply delete them. If you play the Java version, the language files are stored in the risingworld-core.jar in the "data" folder (so to fix this, just verify the game files, as mentioned above).

    If you play the new version, the language files are located in the "_New Version/Data/StreamingAssets/Languages" folder (each language has a separate .json file there).

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