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    Was wondering if anyone knew how to make large circles? Like the diameter of a large building.

    Not sure if I can get from here to there but I`d like to make a circular building with a domed roof.

    A neat idea but considering Red already has his hands full, I think random placed ruins and structures is unlikely in the foreseeable future as it would have to tie into World generation to some degree.

    It would be cool if we could build our own (insert evil setting) and have a feature to spawn and leash our own npc`s to that area. Multi-player would prolly enjoy that more than a solo World.

    No, the actual ground/mountains.

    Was quite awhile ago now but I recall Red saying (in JAVA) that lower tier ore veins would regrow after a time which would mean the surrounding earth as well.

    I never worked on a project long enough to confirm or deny but some voice in my head took that to mean the earth with no ore would also regrow/heal eventually, though Im thinking it through as I write this and realizing Im likely mistaken.

    Anyway, I started an intensive terraform project in Unity and had a fear it would eventually wreck itself. *shrugs

    Im thinking about starting something of an ambitious project (terraforming`wise) and wanted to ask if at some point you see a game wipe included in a future update?


    Has anyone discovered a seed that creates a World which still has mountains and terrain changes but tends towards flatter in-between areas? *Not super flat.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I`d remapped movement to the arrow keys which griefed me re: rotation but once I realized the issue I mapped rotation to the A & D keys and rediscovered my inner zen.

    The terrain is wonderful and remapping my movement to the arrow keys seems to have been worked out, so Im definitely feeling the pull to step back into it.

    Must have a map though as I cant go exploring and find my way back. If there`s a reason your avoiding a map, maybe a small crafting item that lets us place a marker and when we pull the compass up an arrow(s) are seen...Main base1, base2, etc ?

    I think your really onto something here. RW has a vibe Im not seeing in the other survival games out there.

    Weel, it shouldnt be that you have to fall back on an outdated system in this of age but if you do go that route can you please make a new post about it so I dont miss it on page 3 of something else? :)

    Keep up the good work.

    When I remap the movement keys to the up/down/sideways arrows I get "print" as a label and whichever key I press I move back and to the right.

    The same thing happened with the walking demo but I was able to resolve it by using settings in the main menu and restarting the game, but this time nothings working.

    Sadness because Ive been really looking forward to this update.