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    Has anyone discovered a seed that creates a World which still has mountains and terrain changes but tends towards flatter in-between areas? *Not super flat.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I`d remapped movement to the arrow keys which griefed me re: rotation but once I realized the issue I mapped rotation to the A & D keys and rediscovered my inner zen.

    The terrain is wonderful and remapping my movement to the arrow keys seems to have been worked out, so Im definitely feeling the pull to step back into it.

    Must have a map though as I cant go exploring and find my way back. If there`s a reason your avoiding a map, maybe a small crafting item that lets us place a marker and when we pull the compass up an arrow(s) are seen...Main base1, base2, etc ?

    I think your really onto something here. RW has a vibe Im not seeing in the other survival games out there.

    Weel, it shouldnt be that you have to fall back on an outdated system in this of age but if you do go that route can you please make a new post about it so I dont miss it on page 3 of something else? :)

    Keep up the good work.

    When I remap the movement keys to the up/down/sideways arrows I get "print" as a label and whichever key I press I move back and to the right.

    The same thing happened with the walking demo but I was able to resolve it by using settings in the main menu and restarting the game, but this time nothings working.

    Sadness because Ive been really looking forward to this update.

    Sorry if Im late to this thread. Upfront, I didnt read it in its entirety, its too much of a word wall but I scanned enough to get the gist of where your frustration is aimed, I think.

    I believe its a multi-headed issue so here goes...

    At first your had big companies making quality games (for that time) like Sony, Blizzard, Bethesda, Activision, EA, etc.. that were able to throw dollars at their projects.

    Over time they flipped to putting returns over quality and these once great company`s stepped into a downward spiral and turned to crap or in the case of Sony, sold off their gaming division.

    Enter the rise of the Indie developer with limited resources and too often, with limited know-how and vision.

    Using Steam as a petri dish, over time video games have now turned into a wasteland of shit with an occasional gem mixed in.

    Second, there`s now what I`d call trope saturation. Until something paradigm to the gaming industry comes along its all been done.

    I know you like anime so using that as an example, almost all you see now are the same tropes used over and over ad nauseam with everyone jacking someone else`s idea, putting their own stupid twist on it, and calling it their own. Again, with the occasional gem of originality popping up.

    Which ties into the third, the paradigm. I think what you want simply doesnt exist yet. You said you`d like to develop your own game to your own vision (paraphrase) and I`ll jump back into the anime example and hope you`ve seen what I reference.

    SAO2 where "the Seed" has been distributed to the world and now anyone can make their own world, own characters, rules, and reality with real life quality.

    The technology is advanced enough where resources (money) isnt really an issue. All that`s needed is vision. Imagination unleashed, Also, internet bandwidth has obviously progressed to allow for this. We`re just not there yet.

    Again, I only scanned your OP so I hope I at least came close to your mark.

    Im glad to hear you found something like this that can pick you up. An anime thats also a game thats also uplifting (and if I read you correctly) is also immersive is a hard find.

    I got through Strike Witches but the whole girls as military vehicles genre? simply isnt my thing. *No comparison to Azur Lane beyond the military vehicles thing.

    Genre aside, If you enjoy anime that can grab you and leave an impact give Made in Abyss a watch. Its fun, tense, uplifting, gut punching brutal, and in the end, full of pluck.

    Had a old friend from out of state visit lately who`s in no way into anime and I got her to watch it. Sucked her right in.

    Nothing that hasnt already been said in this thread, just chiming in with my 2cents.

    I agree that with games like RW there`s two types of players, Those that want it now with little effort and those who enjoy going the distance, as it were.

    Another game I play is No Man`s Sky. There`s four game modes: creative with free resources, and three flavors of "you want it then go earn it, and dont die along along the way".

    Ive played many games of the latter three but not once have I played in creative. It simply doesnt interest me, but that`s just me and others have a different take on things.

    I understand red`s already has a lot on his platter but I feel that if RW is to succeed it needs to cater to both.

    edit: Spoken in the sense of magically morphing materials vs. "You want, go cut or mine it and make sure you craft what you actually need in the first place.

    Oddly, I was thinking about Star Wars last night. The first one came out when i was 15 and floored me...think I saw it 7x in theaters. The characters had a deep mythos and the music was so epic I bought the LP and darn near wore it out. Anyway, the rest of the first trilogy was good but not as much as the first. After that it turned to garbage (IMO) until Rogue one which I enjoyed.

    As for the rest: I cancelled Facebook 10yrs ago because of ever-encroaching privacy issues and have never engaged in social media since. Neither do I own a cell phone. My few friends call me a dinosaur but somehow Ive gotten by just fine.

    In Trello under dedicated server Red mentions Headless mode and that it doesnt require a graphic card, can someone explain that?

    From Red: "Does it still get this wrong input after restarting your machine"

    Restarted computer and changed the movement setting from the title screen before launching (not sure if that makes a difference) and its working now :)