Question about renaming blueprints

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  • I have been enjoying and downloading some of these wonderful blueprints. My thanks to all who create these for those of us who are not so capable. I see that many files are in German though and I was wondering if I could download then rename the file to English so I know what that item is when I add it to my blueprints book in game. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Thanks again!

  • But those names don't appear in game as the name that shows up in game is hard coded inside the blueprint file.

    What you can do is place them in your world and blueprint them on your own to change the name. Or you can use the Blueprint Texture Editor and change the name field (I think I had left that option available) But that only works for old blueprints.

  • Ok. Thanks so much for the replies. I did change the name from German to English in my Blueprints folder, even though it won't work in game. That helps some and I will just have to learn some German. :nerd:

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