Hot Mess Hotel

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • What in the world is this jank? Lol, it's how I start every world. My character wakes up in front of this building (picture 1) with no clue of what it is or even where he/she is. Upon entry (picture 2), it appears to be part of a hotel. You have the little reception desk there, the room to the right (picture 3) contains the stairs to the second floor, to the left (picture 4) is a hall with a series of rooms. None of these rooms are furnished (picture 5). So, what the heck's going on? Maybe my character was part of a demolition crew and took a nasty bump on the head. Or perhaps they're part of a construction crew. Perhaps they're in a computer simulation, with instructors watching to see what the character does. Or a variety of other options. This is how I start all of my games, because it opens a variety of possibilities for me. If I place fully constructed buildings, what's left to do with it? I fill the pantries and closets, but then what? But with partially constructed buildings, I have a myriad of possibilities. Sometimes, I finish just one room and call it a day. Sometimes, my character finishes the hotel, considering it to be a test/challenge. Sometimes, my character changes the color scheme. Sometimes, my character hesitantly completes the second room, maybe it's like a "if you build it, they will come" type scenario. Sometimes, My character scraps the whole thing and builds a house with the remnants. Other times, he or she completely walks away, saying "i'm not in the mood for this Bob the Builder crap!". At any rate, I present to you how I start every game, with my partially completed/destroyed Hot Mess Hotel.

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  • I think I've got to put this one on hold for a bit. My original vision was just a forty room hotel. That was easy to do; each floor had four little clumps of five units, with halls in between and down the middle. With a small hotel like that, I don't expect that much. Staff break room, staff washer/dryer room, a few conference rooms, a small cafeteria that offers one of those little continental breakfasts and watered down coffee, a tiny little swimming area where you know the kids of every hotel patron have peed in. All of that's easy to do. But then I tried to go big by turning a tiny hotel into a couple thousand unit resort. That's the type of place I'd expect a few more amenities from. My little pee and chlorine swimming hole had better be like a legit swimming pool, my tiny cafeteria with it's limp bacon and powder eggs better be like an actual dining area. Places like that have little gift shops. The resort I was in even had an entertainment area; I got to see Laser Floyd. My crappy hotel coffee had better be like a Starbuck's kiosk, or at least a Dunkin' Donuts. So, there's things I want to see if we get, and there's other stuff I'm not certain how to pull off yet. So, I'm going to leave this blueprint as a small, half destroyed hotel for now.

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