Bachelor Pad

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • I took down most of my blueprints, as I want to rework most of them. But this little number doesn't need much rework in my opinion. Here's the side view (picture 1), front view (pic 2), first floor, and second floor. There is nothing new in this version compared to the last one, but it coincides with my Hot Mess Hotel. I really do use Hot Mess in every world I start. However, sometimes, the character that I'm roleplaying will take one look at that place and walk away. That hotel is potentially a huge endeavor; I see pools and spas, conference rooms, staff break rooms, a gym, linen closets, cafeterias; all types of stuff. Some of my characters see that and freak. So, for them, I place this little house a short way down the beach. It doesn't have many special amenities; a stove, a corresponding table and chair, a couch for a quick power nap, a desk to sit and dream, scheme, and contemplate, and a bathroom ( again to dream, scheme, and contemplate). Oh, the back! I'll have to throw a picture of that up, too. There we go, pic#5. The back is completely unfurnished, bc I've never really found a use for it. I could put a barbecue back there, but that means I have to have a door leading from the bathroom to outside, which I don't like. I could shorten the bathroom, but I hate tiny bathrooms, they feel claustrophobic to me, and how am I to daydream in such a tiny space? Anyway, there ya have it, my tiny Bachelor Pad.

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