Suggestions for African / Savanna biome

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • I am from Africa and obviously enjoy this game a lot so here is some suggestions that I am convinced will brighten up user enjoyment of the RW Savanna biome more. There are so many things one can look at if one wants to add aditional wildlife / plants etc to the biome but I tried to keep this list to just a few important items Africans pride themselves in :)

    African / Savanna Bioma Suggestions:


    African Lion


    Springbuck - (Groupe antelope - National animal of South Africa)

    Gemsbok / Oryx (Group antelope) is another important feature of the African continent)



    Ostrich (Cannot fly)

    The ostrich lay eggs almost the size of a rugby ball that are also good for foodfor predators like the african baboon and humans :)

    Blue crane (South Africa's National bird)

    Plants - Non-edible

    Pachypodium namaquanum (Know in my country as Half-mens / Half-Human)

    The King Protea (South Africas National flower)

    Plants - Edible

    Bi-Bulb Plant (Water holding root / bulb)

    Used for drinking water and bathing... See video in the link hereunder:…er-in-the-kalahari-desert

    Picture of the BiBulb tuber plant:…hidden-bulb-botswana.html

    (Edit) I forgot to add one of the most important trees on the African continent :D


    The Marula tree

    This tree serves the animal population in various ways and one of its best uses is its fruit, the Marula fruit which is use to make alcoholic drinks for the international market. On a fun note every year when the fruit falls to the ground the animal eat these fruit and it ferments in their stomachs and voila we literally have drunk animals for a day or 2 until all the fruit has been eaten :D :D :D

    The effect of this can be seen in a movie by Jamie Uys called Beautiful people.

    (End of edit)



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