Simple horse stable - Roofing

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hi guys & ladies

    I need some tips from the roof builder pro's please. I have made the stable this far with some help of friends here. However the roof seems to beat me as I tried to make it the same as the side walls in the Pic Stable frame 3 instead using a different colour plank (I am supposed to use corrugated iron but we don't have that yet :)

    The problem however is that the planks (Grid on / off) doesn't fit nicely on the beams in a position to overlap the next one. They are supposed to overlap from the left of the pic to the right.

    Sorry about asking so many things in the forum but I am more PVE / PVP than a Construction guy :)

    Any assist much appreciated.

    If I actually manage to finish this I will make it available as a blueprint for you guys.

    Many thanx


  • For a beginner the stable looks great. ^^

    A little bit overlapping of the roof is normally wanted. If not, fix it and move it manually, or you have to shorten the planks/beams. You can use the size command to receive a great roof.

    That system saves a lot of resssources and you can choose the thickness of the bricks. You also could fix a plank or beam and pull it in the desired direction. You can close gaps with +/- key.

    I personnally use F6 to choose the best texture for me. That works also with the blockbench or pnb-plugin.

  • Hi Guys,

    Yes Deirdre I had to shorten the upright beams because it just looks weird peeking through the corrugated iron :D The roof sheeting was a mission on its own... I did get it to overlap a bit on the sides but not in the back. After hours of trying to place panels with grid on / grid off and using the sheet as a blueprint I finally gave up. The patterns on the sheets / planks representing corrugated iron never aligns.

    Finally I just started over and left click and drag the sheet / plank. You will see the seems were the sheets meet is not 100% but thats the closest I can get it :D

    Many thanx for your help!


  • But that works. pull your wooden plank or use the size command. the gap in the picture is only for demonstration.

    I fixed the two top rows with "Enter" and then dragged to the right.

    To pull, hold down the left mouse button and drag horizontally or vertically. Gaps remove with +/+. With grid or without, it works.

    It also works with different sizes of a woodplank that you string together. you should try it out. ^^

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