Item stats for in game

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • I know wiki has item stats, would like to see in game for stats. From weapons, armor/clothes for cold or warm weather, food values, building, and lighting.

    Weapons: can have damage, armor penetration, rate of fire, reload time

    Armor/Clothes: telling if they are for cold weather or warm weather, values that the player temp be comfortable while wearing item or set.

    Food values: I did most for the list on the forums for hit point regain, hunger, and thirst.

    Building items for block size, reshaping size, if can be overlapped like glass without frames

    Lighting: Brightess for different sources, soft or bright, size by range or blocks. examples....torch vs electric lights vs mining lamp. Say I am in large cavern -700 depth, 20-30 block high. I put string of torches on wall mounts but the area look dark, torches little overlap, even point blank in a garden still make the area look dark and black. If turn mining lamp on, everything is normal to see. Similar is the flash light (directional), torch is soft (area of effect), and penlight is bright (area of effect). Notice different house lights are soft and dull to bright. Forge and campfires seem the brightest. Hard to place if making a tunnel and costly in resources. Click on a torch, shows brightness, soft, and range on crafting page.

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