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    The little I played. I really like the looks and feel of the game. Mining the rocks was interesting. Fire with coals to full fire (got burned when change to full flame) or even lamps with full light or low light. Is chest going to have space or limit to one like in the cave? Weather with effects are really good. Night and day is nice setting. Pitch black at night with weather is nice too. Like the side of the mountains that cannot be climb, makes more of challenge and plan your route instead of going anywhere and climb anything. Shooting bottles was nice for target practice. The shorter grass was very nice and how it changed when it got snow on it.

    Would like to see the glass a bit more clear to see through.

    Cannot wait for more and keep up the great work.

    I did heavy snow weather, seem bit foggy in the house. At night with the snow, I notice by the fireplace is bit darker than by the torches. Also I notice the smoke rising through the bricks. How high or below the the weather effects will go. Like if you are in the cave, does the fog goes in the cave for depth.

    For cold/snow/fog would be interesting on the glass.

    Can snow cover anything outside including on chairs or benches?

    So far weather is nice. Wondering if you can mix weather effects like overcast with rain/snow/fog.

    I was exploring an inner sea. When I was done, I try to park my boat. Without crosshairs I could not see where the mouse was at to turn the motor off. After a while I got to turn off the motor. I could exit the boat but was unable to turn the motor off. It launch high above the boat without taking damage. Then I head to mountains to explore and get more ore. My mini drill will not turn on even when I changed slots. I tried the chainsaw, once the run start running, the bar would not stop spinning, like it stuck on cutting without pressing the button. When I exit to main menu to see if it fix the game, encountered fatal error.

    Crosshairs will be nice to for all items, even range weapons, bows get one, semi gun does not. Even for being in a the boat with a motor.

    When I did my first game that default survival, I found a few spiders as I went deeper. Maybe 2 or 3 max. They are annoying to kill, sometimes miss completely or pop up out of no where.

    Now I did survival Coastal map. The amount of spiders are crazy. 8-10 or even more found in large underground caverns. Now I find them in small groups which is annoying to kill semi auto gun. I have pull out my flashlight look around, see nothing in the area then get attacked by spider from behind me. Almost to hellstone so many spiders running around, going to suck if I have to keep killing all the spiders to make it my tunnels, guess I have to put walls up and raised platform to avoid them. I will get screen shot to show what I talking about.

    Spawn rates I seen 5 mins to 2 hours. I killed a spider outside a small tomb, 1 or 2 skeletons, 2 chests, cleaned it out and went to leave and spider spawn back. I have not found much large animal threats or bandits for all the exploring by horse or on foot.

    Since spiders drop no loot, maybe web to make into silk cloth?

    Hello all, I am from California. Similar like other parts, they put did terms in play instead of lock down....shelter in place. My temp is going down, still waiting on the results for Co 19 test that was done Monday. My temp was 102.5 F when I was tested. today my temp so far 98.9 F.

    I heard the store shelves are stocked back up but not sure if that is true or not.

    Across the USA people not be safe. Showed on tv from the air flying over a soccer game with no distancing. Last week should Florida had packed beaches from spring break with all the college people. Few people told the news media they did not care and just wanted to have fun. If they get Co 19, no big deal to them.

    Worse of all farming is to keep working, so I have mower that is losing a bearing, cannot get it fixed until everything over. I grow fruit and nut trees.

    Groovaholic I do my own hair cuts. I did mine before I got sick. I think I use a number 4 with trimmers. Saves time and money for me.

    instead of game making portals, how about the player craft an gate or similar for portals. Save location where gate is placed, then the second one placed to open the portal for travel. That should be easier on the maps making. At the same time limit the number of portals each player can have. Color changed and named.

    Having the grindstone/mill grind different blocks or ore to make a powder version then apply to anything. Or snow block can be worked with a rake.

    I know this is different than Fallout 76....Only thing you cannot do in mine. You are free to build your base/camp where ever on the map. Some places are off limits while cap in how big you can make it. If your camp is shared with camped, You can stay there but camp be off limit until you change servers or log out and back in. You get the option to stay or move to another server where your camp does not share with another camp. First come to log on gets that place. Since the map is pre made and does not change, only places to teleport is different train stations you found and to your camp. Camp size was from everyone used to build your base/camp. Over time players complained and got the sized increased. Personal storage was pre set too, again over time they increased size from players complaining. Everything was base of weight so it stop players from hoarding endless amount of items and causing the server to crash. Weight limits on everything. Base building/camp was on items placed...every wall, beam, ramp, chest, crafting station, power, and garden plants. This block players building to the sky even on the tallest mountains. I do have pictures if you want to see them..I will make a thread on discussions or suggestions.

    F3 can tell the current temp, it is in it reads 100 C, (40 C player 60 C). First temp reads biome current temp, ( gear temp, then current player temp). The underworld temp is 100 C and very easy to get over heated wearing nothing. Gear/Armor does not help out. Hell Stone and Lava is all there. From the crust to the lava is a depth of 51. At 800 when everything opens up. Pillars do not touch the lava. Easy to fall to death.

    Deep underground I found a massive chamber with many tunnels...including throwing a flare and watch disappear in the darkness while lit. Even a flash light could not see the bottom. I found and killed over 10 spiders which were annoying in that one place.

    Ok, Town Portal spells like in Might and Magic games (not heroes) with beacon spells to teleport to set location. With Magic and Magic 6-9 once you use that city fountain it unlocked the to town portal there. Might and Magic games just had limited set points. Beacons spell can have 5 through 7 saved spots. Diablo games had way points which were annoying to find or had too many critters around them. I think the best way station for your idea will be Elder Scroll online ones. In town and spread out over the landscape also if you died, you went to closet way station to be res. You can use them when found. Free travel at any way station to way station or from any where for a price to way point of choosing.

    Fallout 4 has the same fast travel as other fallout games and elder scroll games...4 and 5. Elder Scroll games had bonemold gear and crafting jewelry. For Rimworld, you can recycle any item and get a few mats back in base form. Are you thinking some type of melting pot with bar form? Another idea for faster travel is rail system with mine cart for speed. Terraria had that system, slow to build but very fast to cart did speeds of 101 mph. Even 3 times of faster than horse...hopefully graphics can keep up.

    Portal system on a pvp server, you will lose lots of players to the game...A few people will camp the portals just to kill others and soon everyone gets mad and leave.

    Asheron's Call had that and slowly lost people to crash people client after portaling. After people get killed, then camp the person body for repeat kills. If you are far away, then takes too long to run or ride back to the location you died. it was multiplayer game MMO with PVP and PVE servers before World of Warcraft came out. Near the end of the game, houses had allowed area or not allowed area to keep people out...houses had rent in game, few different styles but could not build your own. You got add items to show off but no furniture in the game.

    Set location for recall or beacon an area to teleport to, using a bed.


    You want like Elder Scroll games...Skyrim or Rimworld for the crafting?

    Fallout 4 had fast travel until you turned on survival mode which disable fast travel.

    Have not tried multi player...not sure what server to play on. I have 113 hours and still learning. On Coastal map starting...exploring and drilling to the core again. First map was too confusing to the core...too many tunnels and had to leave stone block crumbs to find my way.

    In my single player coast map, I made a huge garden just because I could. Also found out which plants grew the fastest too. Also good for starting a new game.

    Fastest to slowest harvest:

    1. Sugar Beets and lettuce (fast)

    2. Carrots

    3. Watermelons

    4. Broccoli, potato, pumpkin, strawberry (also cotton)

    5. Corn and tomato....same time apples reproduce on a mature tree. (super slow)

    Chili peppers and Hemp, no have clue on growing speeds. Found them after everything was done growing. Have not done speed for fruit trees.

    For trees:

    Palm looks to be the fastest.

    Birch I also like using.

    Trees for most wood...

    Spruce 5 to 6

    Others gives 5

    fruit trees gives 4

    Just need to do trial and error of some of the basic things. Do you play on multi player server? A lot of what you talk about are pointless in single player game. Some good ideas. Now for fast travel, have try to ride a horse or similar. You might be surprised how fast you can travel....just watch out for hole in ground/caves. You have normal movement and gallop like you are running. Since most cannot be reused for now, just have to live with it.