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    F3 can tell the current temp, it is in it reads 100 C, (40 C player 60 C). First temp reads biome current temp, ( gear temp, then current player temp). The underworld temp is 100 C and very easy to get over heated wearing nothing. Gear/Armor does not help out. Hell Stone and Lava is all there. From the crust to the lava is a depth of 51. At 800 when everything opens up. Pillars do not touch the lava. Easy to fall to death.

    Deep underground I found a massive chamber with many tunnels...including throwing a flare and watch disappear in the darkness while lit. Even a flash light could not see the bottom. I found and killed over 10 spiders which were annoying in that one place.

    Ok, Town Portal spells like in Might and Magic games (not heroes) with beacon spells to teleport to set location. With Magic and Magic 6-9 once you use that city fountain it unlocked the to town portal there. Might and Magic games just had limited set points. Beacons spell can have 5 through 7 saved spots. Diablo games had way points which were annoying to find or had too many critters around them. I think the best way station for your idea will be Elder Scroll online ones. In town and spread out over the landscape also if you died, you went to closet way station to be res. You can use them when found. Free travel at any way station to way station or from any where for a price to way point of choosing.

    Fallout 4 has the same fast travel as other fallout games and elder scroll games...4 and 5. Elder Scroll games had bonemold gear and crafting jewelry. For Rimworld, you can recycle any item and get a few mats back in base form. Are you thinking some type of melting pot with bar form? Another idea for faster travel is rail system with mine cart for speed. Terraria had that system, slow to build but very fast to cart did speeds of 101 mph. Even 3 times of faster than horse...hopefully graphics can keep up.

    Portal system on a pvp server, you will lose lots of players to the game...A few people will camp the portals just to kill others and soon everyone gets mad and leave.

    Asheron's Call had that and slowly lost people to crash people client after portaling. After people get killed, then camp the person body for repeat kills. If you are far away, then takes too long to run or ride back to the location you died. it was multiplayer game MMO with PVP and PVE servers before World of Warcraft came out. Near the end of the game, houses had allowed area or not allowed area to keep people out...houses had rent in game, few different styles but could not build your own. You got add items to show off but no furniture in the game.

    Set location for recall or beacon an area to teleport to, using a bed.


    You want like Elder Scroll games...Skyrim or Rimworld for the crafting?

    Fallout 4 had fast travel until you turned on survival mode which disable fast travel.

    Have not tried multi player...not sure what server to play on. I have 113 hours and still learning. On Coastal map starting...exploring and drilling to the core again. First map was too confusing to the core...too many tunnels and had to leave stone block crumbs to find my way.

    In my single player coast map, I made a huge garden just because I could. Also found out which plants grew the fastest too. Also good for starting a new game.

    Fastest to slowest harvest:

    1. Sugar Beets and lettuce (fast)

    2. Carrots

    3. Watermelons

    4. Broccoli, potato, pumpkin, strawberry (also cotton)

    5. Corn and tomato....same time apples reproduce on a mature tree. (super slow)

    Chili peppers and Hemp, no have clue on growing speeds. Found them after everything was done growing. Have not done speed for fruit trees.

    For trees:

    Palm looks to be the fastest.

    Birch I also like using.

    Trees for most wood...

    Spruce 5 to 6

    Others gives 5

    fruit trees gives 4

    Just need to do trial and error of some of the basic things. Do you play on multi player server? A lot of what you talk about are pointless in single player game. Some good ideas. Now for fast travel, have try to ride a horse or similar. You might be surprised how fast you can travel....just watch out for hole in ground/caves. You have normal movement and gallop like you are running. Since most cannot be reused for now, just have to live with it.

    The thing to understand with others to posts, the map is endless and over time trying to travel can overload everything. So birds and fish in would be nice but the over all be tough. Does not matter what way you go, the map does not stop like other games.

    For animals and bandits do spawn over time. I made a few paths that had no creature around then, get attacked a bear or boar or few bandits. I have also seen some skeletons respawn quickly, same with some spiders. I kill a spider then 5 mins later another one, kill it then repeats, same with some skeletons. There is stuff that can hit hard even with good armor on.

    Leave the forest area.

    Snow has a lot of moose and polar bears.

    Grasslands has large cats that hide in the grass and other large animals

    Desert has little animals, plants, and water....second hottest biome in the game

    Beach is similar to desert but smaller area plus have animals..horses and cows. Salt water that you cannot drink.

    The 3 tools from the second workbench (Tier II) are the fastest items in the game to harvest/cut/mine.

    Chainsaw cuts trees in seconds. The tree is cut so far fast that, you can destroy logs and saplings. Tree does not get a chance to fall over to cut it.

    stone axe->axe->steel axe->chainsaw

    Weed wacker cuts all plants really fast, can cut veggies and trees just bit slower.

    sickle->weed wacker

    Mini drill mines stone and ore fast...if done right I had up to x65 stone before the chain broke in pausing or hitting ore. You will need the mini drill if you drill through the ground to hit the center of the earth, just do not fall in the lava.

    stone axe->pick->steel pick->mini drill

    Some updates about food....

    Hp regain/hunger/thirst

    Raw Meat 0/35/0

    Cooked ribs might be 90/90/10

    Blunt Ribs -5/24/-40

    Blunt meat -5/20/-36

    Burned Meat -5/20/-36


    Raw Tuna 0/40/0

    Cooked Tuna..guess/might be 90/90/0 similar to cooked ribs.

    Herning raw/cooked ??

    Stand in rain gives you 0/0/5 pretty fast to fill to 100 as long in the rain, not under a roof.

    I found out the was not the game. When I launch the game with windows 10 with steam. Has a blue block pop about recording the game. If that does not disappear when the game launch, it does the error above... The box is not in game but background, still mess with the game in clicking. Sometimes Alt-Tab after few times has it removed then no issues. The mouse trying to click on the on the bar, like it is overlaying it. When the game is launched, steam black box shows up bottom right, then right mid screen is the blue box for record the game but in for single or multi player, does not show it, in the background hidden.

    Finally got the underworld. I notice any stone brick on top of lava turns green. I replaced the stone brick with hell stone blocks just incase lava with destroy and stone blocks. I did a pretty good size pad. I did an area for a garden. I did block wall 1 high on the floor and 2 high for the garden area. Did arch way with stairs and cleared any hell stone formations in the floor. When I went up for water and get my dirt, everything was fine. Once I went back down, small area of the floor/wall was black and had no number id over the area. It was about 4 blocks wide and 8 blocks long. The rest of the pad has normal. The surround blocks, landscape, and lava was normal. Blocks was on the lava, could not see under them nor have the green glow over that area. I did not walk on it, fear from falling into the lava and dying. Not sure how to screen shot ingame.

    I know wiki has item stats, would like to see in game for stats. From weapons, armor/clothes for cold or warm weather, food values, building, and lighting.

    Weapons: can have damage, armor penetration, rate of fire, reload time

    Armor/Clothes: telling if they are for cold weather or warm weather, values that the player temp be comfortable while wearing item or set.

    Food values: I did most for the list on the forums for hit point regain, hunger, and thirst.

    Building items for block size, reshaping size, if can be overlapped like glass without frames

    Lighting: Brightess for different sources, soft or bright, size by range or blocks. examples....torch vs electric lights vs mining lamp. Say I am in large cavern -700 depth, 20-30 block high. I put string of torches on wall mounts but the area look dark, torches little overlap, even point blank in a garden still make the area look dark and black. If turn mining lamp on, everything is normal to see. Similar is the flash light (directional), torch is soft (area of effect), and penlight is bright (area of effect). Notice different house lights are soft and dull to bright. Forge and campfires seem the brightest. Hard to place if making a tunnel and costly in resources. Click on a torch, shows brightness, soft, and range on crafting page.

    I have 95% of food complete. Raw meat and ribs, all over cooked food I do not have the stats for. For those who want to know what is good to grow, hunt, or fish. If I forgot to add anything, free feel to add.

    Food type | Health gain | food/hunger | water/thirst

    Fruit Trees:

    1. Apple : 5 | 21 | 9

    2. Cherry : 1 | 9 | 4

    3. Lemon : 10 | 21 | 5


    1. Broccoli : 10 | 24 |13

    2. Carrot : 10 | 25 | 6

    3. Chili pepper : 5 | 10 | -4

    4. Corn : 2 | 20 | 6

    5. Lettuce : 15 | 15 | 11

    6. Potato : 5 | 15 | 3

    7. Pumpkin : 10 | 10 | 36

    8. Strawberry : 10 | 15 | 9

    9. Sugarbeet : 10 | 30 | 1

    10. Tomato : 1 | 9 | 20

    11. Watermelon : 5 | 15 | 40


    1. Raw meat : 0 | ? | 0

    2. Raw ribs : ? | ? | ?

    3. Cooked meat : 25 | 60 | 0

    4. Cooked ribs : ? | ? | 10 note* my stats was hp 47, food 27, water 30...after eating ribs hp was 100, food was 100, water was 40.

    5. Overcooked meat : ? | ? | ?

    6. Overcooked ribs : ? | ? | ?


    1. Raw Perch : 0 | 20 | 5

    2. Raw Salmon : 0 | 20 | 6

    3. Cooked Perch : 0 | 35 | 1

    4. Cooked Salmon : 25 | 35 | 1

    5. Overcooked Perch : ? | ? | ?

    6. Overcooked Salmon : ? | ? | ?

    For the Jungle biome which comes to mind is choco trees for chocolate. Or banana trees. The other animal can be tiger, since grasslands has tigers already. Temperature is warming than normal.

    Arctic biome. Summer time version little snow with growing plants. Winter should have no growing plants, only meat just like the snow biome. The coast line should large chunks of ice. Mine ice for ice block or ice glass like with sand for glass. Ice block can be white or blue or even transparent.

    The problem about mining a cave with snow, the temperature is colder than the surface. Torches gives light but no heat currently. Furnace needs fuel. Campfires and heaters are the only heat source. With fishing you need bait. If no worms, cut up raw meat to use for bait. The cold will kill you too.

    My starting point in the game for survival was dead middle of the snow biome. A single campfire was not enough to survive on. I do have a underground house in snow biome if you want to see the temperature difference. Steam version single survival mode.

    I been playing and testing different biomes to grow plants in. For places that do not have dirt, I bring normal dirt in. Looks like any soil can go crops on. Snow I have not tried. Single player Survival mode. Also weather conditions to give more a real life affect.

    Snow biome: underground with heaters and dirt: all vegetables and food trees are yellow with brown spots. Still need to harvest them ready to harvest.

    Underground plants might work if enough heat in the room, slower growing times and producing times for food.

    Surface plants...have not tried but would be impossible to grow. Chance to freeze and die. Just like the player getting too cold, takes damage until death.

    Mud soil can be the best for growing once removed from snow biome and place in normal biome like forest. Faster growth and more yields in harvesting.

    Blizzards can cause white out conditions, extra cold damage from wind, easy to get lost without compass.

    Forest biome: Can go any plant or tree includes cactus. Normal growing with the weather.

    Thunderstorms with lightning can hit trees, leaving a dead tree that only have wood and no saplings. Any other damage to plant/player/animal/npc can be minor or even death.

    Fog can be dense and hard to see even with light. You can hear animals/npc but seeing away is hard.

    Mountains biome: Similar to forest or snow depends on location and temps. Normal weather to cold weather on high peaks

    Very tips of the mountains should have a little snow for being very tall in elevation.

    Thunderstorms, Blizzards, or Wind storms have a chance of push a player off.

    Plants: no cactus also depends on forest or snow mountains.

    Underground need dirt, since no rain plants should be slow growing and producing food. (my way station farm is -150 in height)

    Grasslands biome: Similar to forest and desert biome. Weather bit warmer

    Have not seen any weather conditions

    Seen a lot of chili peppers and sometimes lemons trees. Dry dirt can be slower growing and plant can be 'stressed' yields be lower in harvesting.

    Desert biome: Similar to snow but very hot weather.

    Sand storms with heat, easy to get lost in without compass, wind can push player around

    Plants similar to snow biome. Chance to be burned and die. Just like taking too much heat and water levels drain fast. Grown around oasis or water hole can be normal like the grassland. Trees should be grassland trees with palm and cactus. Sand should not be able to plant any crops on. Put crops on sand and also planted forest trees on sand without problems. Everything growing normally.

    Not sure in survival mode have an item for the house, to lower the temp in desert biome home.

    Found plants in desert biome just cannot use sickle to harvest anything.

    Beach/Ocean have not found it...should be similar to everything above just depends on location with temps.

    Salt water barrier in growing plants as nothing can grow unless can handle high salt levels plus anything can handle it, cannot grow anywhere else. No Crops grown in this area. Salt water cause hunger faster.

    Underworld: still mining to it. Anyone know hellstone depth? Should be hot temps. Metal detector for lava within in -100 or less height. I.E. Current height is -550, use metal detector for lava, no reading. Say -895 then read weak or strong signal. As you get deeper to lava, conditions get hotter and red glow.