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    The idea being, the temperature will not go up as the sun rise. For this effect just hugs the ground with the mountains growing through the clouds/fog.

    Example in java version with holes/pits, makes it harder to see them and more likely to fall in one. Light radius reduce to less than a meter or light does a glare making it harder to see like almost blinding light. Also good for bandits or animals be hiding in the fog/cloud.

    Some valleys to even winter biomes can have this effect. When I tried dense fog setting with weather, to be should be bit thicker and harder to see buildings or even paths. Desert biomes can be as sand storms. Lower temperature until 11 am then temp can go back to normal.

    Have to wait until Oct or Nov to see if I get the Tule Fog then can submit a picture.

    For a picture of Tule fog, I do not have any, I thought is common to many places not a few places what wiki has said. A fog that is similar to white out blizzard. It is so wet that it sounds like light rain falling from leaves. You go above the 1000 FT elevation or more and it is clear sunny day. The temp is much colder in the fog and no sunlight get through it. I seen it driving down to a few feet in front of me. I been in places driving were it was 2 mile visibly, went under overpass, small dip, and bend the freeway to hit pocket of less than 1/8 mile view. Light source in the night be easier to see while early morning when the sun is up harder to see from glare and seeing white. Tule fog only happens during our winter months in California Central Valley. Few other places get this.

    Similar is what you talking about the clouds at high point in the game. You could be in the clouds then move above the cloud line. Tule fog is similar but on the low part of the ground. Very dense, I understand it will hurt graphic cards but just a thought.

    Thinking too...we sometimes gets an ice fog. Where there is fog but the air temp is cold enough, anything it touches get a light dusting of ice over time. This one be light fog in snow boime.

    Kinda slow in doing this, but wanted to say I do like the new clouds. I played with the weather settings and like what I saw. I can look up and see clouds instead of stars/moon.

    For day changing the weather, did like how the far distance faded away by clouds.

    For night with heavy rain, heavy snow, and dense fog would be nice for a bit more darker....harder to see from clouds blocking light sources.

    Suggestions/Feed back

    I did a building on mountain, below the clouds, no light source and still can see it at low to medium distance. I was hoping the clouds made bit darker and harder to see anything at close range. I know a little more would put a little more stress on graphic cards. Would like to have dense fog with clouds during the day bit more dense/thicker or bit darker or bit of glare as the clouds keep the fog in the area. Where I live, we get Tule fog. Hoping the clouds to do or give effects of the Tule fog. I can give a link on it, if you want. 'Tule fog is a low cloud, usually below 2,000 feet'

    I know it was in java version, just not sure if was changed in the new version. Java you got like 5 slices or so, new version have not try to break open one. Still working on Steel tools. Still need to plant veggies and trees.

    Starting to play with seeds by collecting them, have not grown any. So far cotton and watermelon are un-stackable. Everything else is stackable. Cotton and Hemp has no seeds. Look like sickle only way to harvest plants. For apples, would the stack get bigger or max of 5?

    Like how the sickle gives seeds and crops at the same time.

    I did the follow size of blocks...5 2 5. The blocks in grid mode was (up and down) 0.5 1 0.5 not sure why. With the flowers would snap at 1 or the upper 0.5, once the flowers removed it snapped to other blocks. Collusion for blocks and flowers.

    I start a new map with each update. Usually build in the same spot. I notice placing a resize square block that new flowers was giving the snapping issue to other blocks. One removed the flowers, it snapped without issue. Few blocks had flowers coming through blocks, until the flowers were removed.

    Love the flowers, still need to see if sickle can give flower seeds to be moved or planted else where. If no flower seeds, treat them like other seeds. Add some color to our buildings.

    Every time there is update. I create a new world and delete the old one. Been resizing blocks to start building and notice annoying error. I did square blocks (have not tried it with others), I resize them and had snapping issues. Example X 1.00, Y 1.00, Z 2.00 (this does not snap on. If rotate at the current setting, then it will snap on. If I set "Z" to 4.00, does then same thing but setting it to 3.00 and 5.00 has no issues. Using default settings for resizing.

    SighBorg If you want to have fun in the java version. Mine to the center of world. I have done that few times. I prefer drilling almost nice slope down then trying to map the caves out. Just need a good drill (better than pick axe), food, water, and light source(s). Lava is instant kill. Need blocks for stairs/ramps or bridges. Ladders once you stop in the red rock. At the lava is 50 C temp.

    When I try to do 'id ironore' keep getting has to be in creative mode. I put iron ore in hand but unable to make a new boulder. Tree saplings are no problem. I can almost put 3 to 4 saplings on top of each other for thick tree look. I am playing single player mode.

    When you go down the path, and turn into the mine. I mined straight without going into the mine to connect the other path. I thought it went through the mountain and popped out the other side, not a circle.

    Stone lantern posts, for some reason get knocked out and unable turn on. They fly across the screen as I cut tall grass. Another time I was cutting grass. There was a tree that cut down when I was not trying to cut the tree down. Not sure if bug or tool cutting range is bigger than it should be.

    I noticed that benches are broken and not able to move with hammer.

    Iron plates notice is 1 per 1 bar. Making modern workbench to hunt for a lot of iron. 3 smelters working, still bit slow. Still need around 40 ore for the modern workbench.

    Stone pillars with candles in them. I notice when I use normal scythe, I knock candles out of the premade ones to cutting down random trees while cutting grass with no trees around.

    I bypass the pre made mine by making my own path to avoid the loop.

    Notice more stone than iron boulders. Does iron respawn over time for this build or still have to hunt more boulders down.

    So far everything looks good

    Thanks, I had to change the grid size (0.25) for it to snap on. Resize shapes 2.00x1.00x1.00 still not smooth. Ramps and blocks to overlay smooth using the same size. Blocks are wider while ramps are bit longer.