Growing speeds for plants

  • In my single player coast map, I made a huge garden just because I could. Also found out which plants grew the fastest too. Also good for starting a new game.

    Fastest to slowest harvest:

    1. Sugar Beets and lettuce (fast)

    2. Carrots

    3. Watermelons

    4. Broccoli, potato, pumpkin, strawberry (also cotton)

    5. Corn and tomato....same time apples reproduce on a mature tree. (super slow)

    Chili peppers and Hemp, no have clue on growing speeds. Found them after everything was done growing. Have not done speed for fruit trees.

    For trees:

    Palm looks to be the fastest.

    Birch I also like using.

    Trees for most wood...

    Spruce 5 to 6

    Others gives 5

    fruit trees gives 4

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