Need advice please, TCADMIN or Pterodactyl

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    I am looking at setting up a hosting service and am stuck between using TCADMIN or Pterodactyl for my gameserver automation.

    I have seen that TCADMIN does indeed support Rising World as a game but am yet to see any mention for Pterodactyl but have come across some game hosting providers using it?

    Many thanks for any replies :)

  • I wasn't aware any of these tools actually support Rising World, at least none of them list Rising World as "Supported game" :thinking: It looks like these tools mainly focus on larger, more popular games.

    Unfortunately I can't say much about these tools as I haven't used them before :silenced:

  • I just added support for Rising World to Pterodactyl last week. Still waiting on someone to test it out before I merge the change, but everything looks good to me so far.

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