Sorting Items

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  • hi, I thought their would already be a thread for this, and there probably is.

    It would be very, very helpful if there was some mean to sort items in chests and inventory. Please.

    Also, a mass transfer of identical items could save a lot of time too. Just an idea though. Sorting stuff is my main concern in this :) Pleeeaaase make a button.

    Thank you for reading :)

  • I can understand your problem. in many games, sorting takes up most of the gameplay time. So far, Rising World has so few items, so a sorting function is actually not necessary. Sorting is part of the gameplay, we want to keep people in the game, right?

    And I play myself, but in creative mode. I own Animallica, so sorting almost made me cry, Minecraft has same system, but much more items to sort and spend time for. This is part of the game, otherwise they would have implemented it from the start, I think.

    But that's just my personal opinion, nothing more and nothing less. <3

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