losing connection... Server still up cannot reconnect, or connect.

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    I continue to have connection issues, at first I thought it was server crashes but there are no errors and the server keeps running as I can see it running in the console.

    I can also see people trying to connect but the loading screen just hangs and they eventually time out.

    When I reset the server they can join for a few then it starts "losing connection..." and eventually everyone disconnects but things are still active in the game, furnaces shut off on timers, and the server updates the DB.

    This happens so frequently it's pretty much unplayable. Sometimes immediately after I reset and logon.

    I have contacted the server company (GTXgaming) and they say that they cant see any issues on their end.

    Please help we have a great server going and I hate having all this down time.

  • If every player loses connection but the server keeps running, this very much sounds like there is an issue with the connection of the server. Unfortunately this is something only the provider can fix. If the connection loss only affects certain players, it could be a clientside issue though.

    Maybe you can post a server log here, or alternatively send it via PM to me ;)

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