Setting up MySQL server - help needed!

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    Has anyone setup a MySQL server recently? I've not done this in a few years and I'm stuck! :wat:

    I thought I would rebuilt my local test server on my workstation - clean OS install.

    I've installed the latest MySQL Community (v8) including the shell. Last one I used was version 6!

    Opened the MySQL Shell up and created a database called `risingworld` also creating a user called `rwadmin` and assigned the user all privileges to the new database. Reopened the shell and connected with new credentials to database to check working. Sure was!

    I have then installed a local copy of the RW standalone server via the SteamCMD tool. I won't bore you with screenshots...

    I've then gone and changed the file to reflect the MySQL server.

    I run the win_startscript.bat but the server fails to start. :dizzy:

    Clearly the Access denied for user 'rwadmin'@'localhost' (using password: NO) is to blame - but I don't get why the password I've supplied in the file is not being used:?:

    I'm a little lost.

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