Backpack bug?

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    Here's a weird one for you -

    I had a plugin backpack full of crafting stations and materials, and my regular inventory was full too, no empty spaces at all. To place the saw bench I put it into the hotkey slot that contained my backpack. And the backpack contained the sawbench. D’oh…

    The backpack was active and open when I replaced it with the saw bench. The sawbench automatically placed itself, and then I saw that the backpack was not in my inventory anymore. I thought it had fallen to the ground when I put the sawbench in the slot the backpack had been in, since my inventory was full, but it wasn’t anywhere. I unloaded some of the stuff from the backpack and exited the game hoping maybe the backpack would magically appear when I logged back in, but no luck. And now the saw bench was gone too. o_0

    I don’t know if this is an existing bug, or if I just broke RW physics, and if there’s some error file out there and someone can teleport my backpack back to me… ;)

  • Moving a backpack to its own inventory, then closing the inventory indeed leads to the loss of the backpack :/ The backpack plugin does not handle this case - actually it was just meant to be an example plugin, so it has a rather basic behaviour (which is basically intended in order to keep the source code as simple as possible). I was hoping someone takes this plugin as foundation for a better plugin^^ But it turns out most people just use the original backpack plugin - and in this case, it's indeed frustrating if the backpack gets lost due to this limitation...

    "Fixing" this is possible by adding a check to the plugin if it's about to be moved to a chest - from a technical point of view, a backpack is nothing but a mobile chest. If the chest id is identical to the backpack id, the event could simply be cancelled. I can provide an update for the backpack plugin shortly ;)

  • Thanks, Red51!

    I guess the takeaway lesson for me is "Don't have your inventory completely full", lol. I knew enough to not intentionally try to put the backpack in the backpack, but once the table came out, that must have been the only place it could go, so it... went. Away.

    I don't see it as a weakness in the plugin, just a failure of my own common sense. You can't fight plugin physics. ;)

    I'm sure you're doing much more important things than idiot-proofing backpacks.


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