• Ok, since the demo version dropped, I've thought of instead of releasing big patches of content, you could fragment it into pieces

    Something like: guns update, building update

    That would allow for a more stable, faster flow of content, while even being experimental and under test, it would allow the community to provide specific feedback on critical parts of the update

    "Warrior among warriors 𝕿"

  • Adding these things is anything but a micro update :)

    And very often these things are connected to other things and can't get taken out of context.

    I imagine it to building a car. You got the frame and add the motor. It doesn't make sense to add seats first, then add electric, then the hull, then the wheels, then brakes, etc

    They are all connected and adding seats before cables are added just because you have the seats available already doesn't make any sense.

    Im sure we don't have to wait another year for an update ;)

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