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      Hi everyone,

      I kind of missed this feature so I put this together.
      Pretty simple one, but maybe it inspires others.
      It simply kicks players on connect if not whitelisted. Admins don't need to be whitelisted, they are getting ignored by the whitelistcheck.

      Rising World whitelisting script

      provides simple playername based whitelist

      requires admin permission!

      • /whitelist

      Adding a player to the whitelist:
      • /whitelist add <playername>

      Removing player from whitelist
      • /whitelist del <playername>
      Listing current whitelist
      • /whitelist list
      Showing helptext
      • /whitelist help

      Have fun with it.

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    • NVM I got it working :)


      I already had a script folder and I placed the files there:


      The 2 Files in the zip that I extracted there are:


      I have admin rights. but all of the commands listed above do not work. Is this script still working or am I doing something wrong?

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    • I got the whitelist script running and the commands and all show ingame. People get stuck on connecting to the server and I dont get to add them with command " /whitelist add playername " as it says it cant find the player.
      I removed the script and then people connect just fine.

      Does anyone have this script running properly? Please explain what I could possibly have done wrong.