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    Hi lenko,
    ich denke damit wirst du wenig Glück haben.

    Das würde vorraussetzen, dass die Scripter selbst auch alle deutsch sprechen und das entspricht nunmal nicht der Realität.
    Abgesehen davon, spricht nicht jeder deutsch für den ein Script evtl. nützlich wäre. Wenn man sein Script vorstellt dann nimmt man also zwangsläufig die Sprache die die meisten verstehen.

    If you are admin on that server try enter "goto #spawn" (without quotes) on the adminconsole
    on most systems you can access the console by hitting the "^" key

    That will teleport you to the spawnlocation. That only works for you if you build your house somewhere nearby that location of cause.

    good luck

    Das Zcript und h0tstuff bieten eine solche funktion. /last

    Das mit den Serverregeln per Tastendruck ist afaik noch nicht möglich da man den entsprechenden Befehl auf eine Taste binden müsste.
    Man könnte das mit LUA zeitgesteuert tun oder beim Spawn oder so.

    Everytime I try to place a chest, the client reports that the chest is placed succesfully and plays the sound and so on but in fact, the placement gets aborted.
    The chest disappears from the clients hand until I open up the inventory, then I have it back in the hand.
    The Server reports this:

    Feb 14, 2015 11:31:47 PM server.listeners.d a
    SEVERE: Invalid chest ID: 106

    What I tried so far:
    Restarting server and client
    Deleted clients inventory in the world db
    Craft new chests
    disabled all lua scripts on the server

    I could place them before.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Seems like it could be useful to others, so here you go.

    This one helps you to stop foreign players destroying stuff on your server.

    It lets the admin manage a list of players who are allowed to build and destroy.
    All others can connect, walk around and have a look at your buildings but that's about it.

    let's you decide who can build and destroy stuff on your server

    Only admins are allowed to add/remove players from the trustlist


    • /trust <player>

    Trusting a player. Player is now able to build and destroy

    • /untrust <player>

    Removes player from list. Player can't build and destroy anymore

    • /trustlist

    Prints the entire list of trusted players and the admin who added them

    Untrusted players are unable to perform the following actions:
    place,remove or destroy blocks,constructions,objects,chests and vegetations
    pickup vegetations
    drop or take items out of chests
    put items into chests
    place or destroy terrain (dirt,stone...)
    mowing lawn
    hitting or killing other players or NPCs

    Once you are added to the list the script doesn't affect you anymore.

    NOTE: Even admins have to be trusted before they can do stuff, but they are able to add themselves.

    Thanks to the guys from (HS) Hessenstrolche server for testing this script! :thumbsup:
    So if you want to see how it works out, visit them. Their buildungs are worth a visit anyway :)




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    Same problem as before.
    Edit the Script line 55 from
    [lua]event.player.sendTextMessage("[#00FFCC]/heal [#00CC88] <player ID or name>");[/lua]


    [lua]event.player:sendTextMessage("[#00FFCC]/heal [#00CC88] <player ID or name>");[/lua]

    Yeah you're right. Maybe that's it. Can't test that on my own anyway, tho. But i can include it and just put it in here. Maybe red51 sees this and can tell what's wrong here.

    Yeah the script is throwing errors and kicks the client

    server/scripts/Zcript/script.lua:287 bad argument: userdata expected, got number

    Somthing seems to be wrong with target.setPlayerHunger(100);

    Edit: Got it.
    problem was dots and colons ;)

    It works this way:
    [lua]function heal(target)
    local tName = target:getPlayerName()
    target:sendTextMessage("You've been healed !")

    Hi folks,

    yay the new update is released and the setposition bug is fixed :thumbsup:

    I wrote this a few weeks ago when i was trying to build a ranch/farm, and today I could finally see it in action :D
    It's very basic, tho. I couldn't really use it back then so I haven't put much in it yet.
    This script let's you catch animals and teleports them to a specified position by hitting them.
    I guess this can also become handy with the new hungersystem and the limited amount of pigs/cows nearby.

    Catch'em alive

    provides rudimentary catch animal alive functionality


    • /catch


    • /catch home

    Marks your current position as the "new animal home"
    From now on any npc you hit gets teleported to this position.

    • /catch done

    Deletes the "animal home" position and the npc-hitting process is back to normal again.

    Feedback or suggestions are welcome :)
    Have fun.

    Auch vollkommen okay, wenns mal länger dauert. Hauptsache Qualität stimmt und da ist die Softwareentwicklung egal in welchem Bereich nie ein kontinuierlicher Prozess. Manchmal schafft man an einem Tag den Progress von einer ganzen Woche und manchmal hängt man 2 Tage an einer abosult bescheuerten NullpointerException :D.