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  • Seems like it could be useful to others, so here you go.

    This one helps you to stop foreign players destroying stuff on your server.

    It lets the admin manage a list of players who are allowed to build and destroy.
    All others can connect, walk around and have a look at your buildings but that's about it.

    let's you decide who can build and destroy stuff on your server

    Only admins are allowed to add/remove players from the trustlist


    • /trust <player>

    Trusting a player. Player is now able to build and destroy

    • /untrust <player>

    Removes player from list. Player can't build and destroy anymore

    • /trustlist

    Prints the entire list of trusted players and the admin who added them

    Untrusted players are unable to perform the following actions:
    place,remove or destroy blocks,constructions,objects,chests and vegetations
    pickup vegetations
    drop or take items out of chests
    put items into chests
    place or destroy terrain (dirt,stone...)
    mowing lawn
    hitting or killing other players or NPCs

    Once you are added to the list the script doesn't affect you anymore.

    NOTE: Even admins have to be trusted before they can do stuff, but they are able to add themselves.

    Thanks to the guys from (HS) Hessenstrolche server for testing this script! :thumbsup:
    So if you want to see how it works out, visit them. Their buildungs are worth a visit anyway :)


  • Excellent script. This kind of removes the need of area protection. I put it on my test server and it works great. Would like to start this on the 518 Mafia server as well. we have a good number of admins that can add trusted players to the list as needed. :) I still plan on running the protection script as well but every level of defense is needed to prevent greifers.

  • Can someone look at this script. I have tried to update it for the latest update but have had no luck. All I managed to do is lock everyone out of the server

    This is for users who have installed the trustlist and only need to replace the lua file ill make a full updated post for the new users


    • trustlist.lua

      (5.42 kB, downloaded 283 times, last: )

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    If you want to run a server how about using my AutoServerInstallers go here to download >>>RWAutoServerInstaller for Unity And Java<<<

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :thinking:


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