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    :O I have never seen this script, will look for it now, since the code is already written I might be able to quickly convert it to java but have to see it first to know :D

    i never uploaded this script to the forum, i only had it running on my own server oO i may still have the files somewhere if i find them ill upload them for you.

    i did code a plugin like that under lua it also paid players for work they did, but i dropped it after the Java support came, ATM im too busy at work to do coding, ive not even had time to play games lately oO

    I guess the reason I like/liked chest protection so much was the ability to leave chest around if you wanted to go om walk about.

    Why wait on block protection? It seems it would be handy to tell about dweebs.

    Object protection does 100% the same as ChestProtection But its even more simple to lock and unlock or add friends to every object, just place chest then type /op unlock vs /cp unlock id pincode

    See no need to know the id of the chest anymore oO

    Does this still work? I cant seem to make it run on my server. If I put it in a plugin directory it gives me errors. If I just unzip it in the main plugin directory it does nothing. ?(

    yes it still works fine, you need to unzip the zip file inside your plugins folder, it should unzip into a folder called trails

    Yahgiggle hat auch ein Pflanzen-Plugin geschrieben. Allerdings ist dieses nicht ganz so ausgereift wie das Lua-Script. Die anpassbare Höhe bewirkt ja nur, dass die Pflanzen nicht nicht alle die gleiche Höhe haben. Das haben sie in der Natur ja auch nicht.

    i should be able to solve that height problem now, i will update it soon ;)

    In the game, above an avatars head is the players name. Is there a method available to edit this text (I would like to add a "rank" there too)?

    I've had a look and I can't see anything in the API? I may be going blind though! 8)

    you could use 3d text and update the location as the player moves, but i myself don't even like any text above players oO i think a better way would be to have the players info displayed in a info box off to the the side of the screen and only display when you point the crosshair at the player

    Hello. I can't seem to get /op to work. It shows the status (locked, unlocked) etc, but lower level players are still able to access (they see proper status of object, but are still able to place in chests or take from them. Same behavior with doors. Any ideas what may be going on? This is not in areas that are protected btw using your AP script.

    whats the name of the server you are on, and are you running the updated OP or an older one ?

    Hmmm well it is not straight forward.. tonight I built a column with flat beams on top on one side of my amphitheater and when I went to the other side the same beam would not go horzontal always wanting to go inside the round beam in a vertical manner. I gave up and took it all down. :cursing:

    it only ever snaps one way that part never changes the only thing that can be changed is turning it on or off
    but i know that it would be nice to have the snap lock work vertical and horizontal

    I switched from this 1.18 to Version 3.0 in the other thread.

    Some thing is conflicting with the TP though as that routine erases an a home area from the database for players that I created areas for. I dont use it much so it did not affect my areas but Bobbinfish's dissappears every time and then the commands /showareas does not work in his area.

    am i understanding you have a area called Bobbinfish's ? and that it does not save or it disappears or something like that ?

    if so the problem is with the ' try not to use things like ; ', . in the names keep them simple and it should be fine.

    Worked just fine I think.. or at least the ares aer still there. Wonder if the TP routine interference will be fixed if I dont have to make someone a Admin to work in the area like the 1.18 version.

    Thanks for this it is really important feature.

    no you no longer have to make them an admin

    when you add a player just do the command /addplayertoarea Owner username

    great I will try it tonight.. Ithink

    just delete every file in the old protection folder but leave the scriptDatabase.db file dont delete that one, then copy the new protection 3.0 files to that same folder this is no group file or database to worry about, all group info is saved under the rights table inside the scriptDatabase.db file, the new protection 3.0 just adds more options so other groups can also be saved to the rights table, the protection 3.0 is 100% backwards compatible. after you copy 3.0 into the old protection folder restart your server for it to load, note its always best to back everything up before you make any changes at lest then if something goes wrong you can always revert back.

    No ones telling you to do anything oO i was saying what happened to another user and why, and that to stop this sort of problem is to do daily reboots. i under understand your frustration.

    No It was hosted on GTX, I wiped the server the same day it Happened.

    well i guess we will never know if it was hacked or what happend oO the only other server i know who had the protection let them down, was a server that was left running for weeks with out any restarts, in this case the protection database crashed and the protection stopped working, daily reboots are recommended.

    The New Players DO NOT get Creative, You have to ask, The World Wihin is 100% Surivial... its was Probaly a User that Wanetd my Server gone so he can Start one up and offer the same Thing. they only admin I Had denied IT AND started His own server (zodics keynboard Thing)

    do you know the name of the user who you say hacked you ? do you have a copy of your server that maybe i could look at and work out who did the damage ?