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    My pc can still stand it. I have an i9 and Nvidia GTX 3080. But for other players this could be a problem. There will certainly be improvements in this regard in the future. ^^

    The engine Should adjust for the best look but also best performance depending on your hardware, Nvidia GTX 3080 ?? do they do a Nvidia GTX 3080 or did you mean RTX 3080

    Anyway like i said the setting are adjustable and why RW includes the video Settings :-) BTW if it is a RTX 3080 <--- thats a nice GPU

    When looking at the terrain and the surroundings, you notice that not everything is visible in the distance and then you see the whole thing

    very pixelated. Not every player has set maximum view range, but that is a personal setting and

    dependent on the PC. Building cities is very important to me.

    Indeed this is a performance rendering workaround, done by the engine, you can override it but your computer will be very sluggish, it's one of the things we all have to put up with till we have far better hardware oO

    Well not looking at the API I think I recall setplayertemperature or something like that, so this could be done very easy if I'm not mistaken.

    One of my Java blueprints is smaller in Unity version.

    I can walk through the aisle of the chapel in the Java version, but I can't in the Unity version.

    By enlarging the blueprint, however, the seat height of the benches, window height and door height are no longer correct.:(

    i think the player height is adjusted in the new blueprint, as before i think it was 1.5m high and that is too short, so it was made higher, maybe this is the real problem, the blueprint is the same height but the player is bigger, maybe resize your blueprint just a little before placing it will solve the problem but you will need to have new doors and windows oO

    As far as I know it may be kind of difficult to go Survival in the new version as there are not yet enough game components ready. I don't think there are any NPCs (animals, bandits) yet.

    that is right, its kind of pointless, but ATM the Unity version is just a demo of what it will look like and how overall the menu and building system will work, its not intended to be that advanced yet, if you are looking for a Survival type mode you are indeed better off playing the java version,


    you can remap the keys in the file or in game goto Settings in the first menu then click control, goto the keys you dont have and click a key that will replace it.

    Ps you could print out the file once you are done remapping them

    The Tool is for Windows only ?

    yes all the server installers are for windows only, well in saying this they may indeed work, i have not tested them but i know Linux will be able to run some of the files. i just cannot guarantee they will work as expected, and if they sort of work but have problems, i am not interested in fixing any bugs caused by not been fully compatible, however the newer unity installer i am coding ATM maybe fully compatible as everything is done using Java code,

    you could try and run them on Linux, and if they work post back here your findings.

    OK i have fixed some bugs ive found with the UI Java version 4

    The New Version is now 4.1 and will solve some installing problems and user permission problems

    it also changes some of the default settings,

    Again to run This UI you need to first install the jdk from this link Download JDK v18 Windows Installer

    I noticed differences in the display of the window frame. (see screenshot).

    The size differs in two dimensions. The bottom size may be rounded up, but that's not essential for precision

    advantageous. You can also see the white writing much better.;)

    if you point your mouse on the object you want the height to match it will match it, then lock it with CTRL and move it around with arrows , if you point the mouse on the ground it often changes height that can be a pain in unity if you don't notice at first but once you know the work around it becomes easy

    While it looks OK in a campfire and you may say it looks great But having embers coming out of your chimney sort of defeats the purpose of not setting your roof on fire in reality and some of the reason they were above the roof line so much and cleaned in real.

    Having these little animations in game make the game really immersive and enjoyable. Would be nice to be able to animate other things too. Cannot wait until the water animations come in.

    When i was a young boy, we used to get the fire going really hot so we could run outside and see lots more embers coming out of your our chimney at night, they looked amazing, so for me this is how we used to see the smoke from our chimneys

    Hi again

    Just so I understand correctly on the first pic the highlighted folders, the RWAutoServerInstallerV4-UI-Java-Edition then over to the RWAutoServerInstallerV4UI-Java.jar this is the one to unzip correct.

    Then in the second pic which is what is inside the RWAutoServerInstallerV4UI-Java.jar. Now once extracted which file do I click on to get the ui tool?

    no thats wrong, you unzip the folder RWAutoServerInstallerV4-UI-Java-Edition then open the folder and double click on the file RWAutoServerInstallerV4UI-Java to run that program.

    Hi Buddy

    Got V4 going :) On your post in between the first GUI/pic and the second GUI/pic you have ---> but that link don't work.

    Now for the main question how do I open the GUI boards if that's what they are called.

    Thanks Buddy :thumbup:

    oh i added a image then removed it, forgot to also remove the link, thats fixed now cheers,

    for the gui you unzip the file and then click the RWAutoServerInstallerV4UI-Java <---------- java program, this is the ui tool

    Ok i have uploaded the first working UI Server installer for Java RW, it has 3 types of user groups included, the default group for normal players, Admin group for the server Owner, and the Moderator group for server helpers, not much to adjust for the default permissions, but you have full control over the permissions for the Admin group and the Moderator group,

    i think by looking at the GUI you can work everything out :-) i hope

    once the server starts to install you can close the UI but Dont close any of the blue popup box's at any stage, not even if you think its stopped installing, as sometimes the connections are slow or some box's may say stuff like finished, but its only fully finished once the black server box opens, but the two blue box's left are part of this installer and should always be running

    to close the server you can close all 3 box's, but to restart the server you need to click on the StartServer file, if you click anything else the auto backup and auto reboot tools wont be running

    i have yet to finish the hints but will get around to it at some stage, for unity ill also make the same type of installer but this takes a lot of time, this project started some days ago, the unity version has driffent types of permission files and lots of things are not the same, so its almost a complete recode, not everything but a lot

    if you like or use my installers do let me know, or even if there something you don't like about them, im always keen to improve my work