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    Installed the newest version and everything was working fine then I got this error. Previously ran a version a couple of updates out. Did not stop anything else from working.

    can you install this version and let me know if that error stops, seems the current version im using does not match your error log oO so i may have fixed that error already


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    I would be too embarrassed to do that. I will fight away, thanks of your really good help and pointers.

    I will look at the suggestion you have pointed too and try to adjust it. I tend to helter skelter attack and move or duplicate the lines instead of proper access modifiers and the like. As such there are allot of commented out lines that are their examples of other plugins where I got similar methods that worked in other packages I got to work for switching on and off or examples to help clear problems. I think it is the updating the data part that got me in trouble as I replaced the three live data labels on the panel when the command was invoked. But I had a serious issue in updating my database for new and existing players that I fixed last night mostly. It worked fine when there was only one player (me) Then it kept sending new people to 0.0.0 bottom of the ocean where they promptly drowned. Ooops 8|. I do have that fixed at least now and some people came on and informed me ghosting was still present. However, the movement routine that accessed the several databases and displayed information are working fine now so some progress. :/. This is something that is really simple likely for you but to find a out of place bracket or extra parenthesis could take me hours to correct. I think an AI program could write this is a few milliseconds but where is the puzzle fun in that?

    everyone makes mistakes, there is no harm in posting your code or parts of the code for users to understand what you are doing, this can be a huge help in helping you, but from what ive read it seems you may not be loading all your ui elements in onPlayerConnect load everything in there and add only the parent to the player, for ones you want showing you need to have the parent element set to setVisible(true); any data for those elements should already be loaded other ui elements should be set setVisible(false); also you only need to add the parent elements to the player all the child elements will automatically be attached to the player, when you want to view an element with all its lables etc you can use the PlayerUIElementClickEvent then set the setVisible(true); like this

    This above code is at its simplest, you may not want to only open UIElements under the PlayerUIElementClickEvent you may want to do it when say a player right clicks a NPC if that NPC == Dummy

    then you just use MarketUI.setVisible(true); as long as you have also included UIElement MarketUI = (UIElement) player.getAttribute("MarketUI"); in your event the UIElement will open

    Well that is a shame maybe it was why one guy kept saying /wp does not work. LOL I dont have a /WP likely some other plugin. I guess I will have to write yet another plugin to do it for them. Hmmm that means I need to have different level area player permissions for them to select. Poor players.

    as james said you need to be outside the area to set the areas group permission, we only have player.setPermissionGroup(UserName); we need player.setPermissionAreaGroup(UserName); red51

    Ok i just tested the World protection under single player and this is the result, you are automatically an admin but world protection is buggy in single player games its not advised to even use it in single player because of the bugs, but since the plugin is for servers with multiple players it makes sense to use it for that over single player anyway.

    so she needs to learn how to set herself as Admin in single player. I dont know how to do that

    Well it's been some time since I used single player to test my plugins due to inconsistent results bugs that only showed once installed on a server, but some time ago I used to test them all in single player, even on the unity version, anyway to the point, I dont recall having a problem setting myself as Admin. I would have done one of 2 things if it automatically didn't make me admin, 1. Use the makeadmin yahgiggle command, or 2 add myself to the properties file, if file does not exist, then it must have automatically made me admin or I used the command, I'll test this out later today and see what happens 🤔

    Thanks .. I just confirmed it every time I used the floats without the f it kept giving me a lossy error. If I put the the hard integers like 255 or 160, Netbeans accept it but made it pink for some reason so it confused me to what was going on. I just came back here to let you know it confirmed to work. Now If I could just turn the dang thing off.

    a double and float are much the same thing but you can have bigger numbers with a double over a float, when the number is small like 1.0 or 0.75 just add f for float like 0.75f netbeans shouldn't give any errors with that for a double you can do 0.0d for an int just do 123,123,112

    i don't think BackgroundColor(); supports doubles anyway ive never tried 1.0d lol only floats or integers

    you could count it and then remove what ever and get what is left so say the stake size is 10 then you do 10 - 2 = 8 2 goes somewhere and 8 stays in the slot