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    Hi yahgiggle, when I said player name I was referring to the field called AreaOwnerName (I updated a few to different names) -- so maybe I just used the wrong terminology since these are all under the same PlayerUID. I was looking at utilizing this for setting up different nature reserve areas (and eventually label it "nature reserve" or whatever special name I want) I'd turn terrain modification off for those protected areas when I play in single player mode. This would keep certain areas guaranteed to respawn wildlife and I suppose bandits if too if desired once they become available in the unity version. :)

    Oh right, :-D :thumbup:

    Thanks for the above information, I did get that to work and create fake user areas. One more question, how do I in single player mode change to become one of the fake user names I set up to test out the plugin as though I was playing as them? I tried to do some searching for a command or something but didn't turn up anything. Hoping you can help again...appreciate all you do! :)

    Unfortunately I don't know of a way to do such things, if you could do this I think some people would use that to steel the game, as you could just download the game and use any fake name to play it oO so you can only use one user id per account, how ever you could keep the areas uid as yours but change only the owners name I guess, the script really does not use the players name so it should still work no matter the name you use.

    After I deleted all plugins and only installed the WTG portal, there is no longer an error message, but the update button for the name still does not work. If I want to list my or the public portals, the message "Please Step Into A Portal" always comes up - even if I jump on the rod in the middle (what is it actually for?).

    Respect and thanks to all portal developers, but I'll stick with the simplehome plugin for now, which has worked without any problems so far

    well that's up to you, but keep in mind that all the plugins are on going projects that are coded by users who use there free time to code them, so this means things don't always work 100% right from get go, i know James pored hours into his plugin, it maybe worth giving it another go later on, once all the bugs are ironed out.

    yahgiggle currently I only have the WTGPortals plugin installed

    The log file you provided shows both plugins installed and loaded, I also tested his plugin running along side mine, and can confirm the error, even on my latest version, I'll fix it soon and upload a new version

    That sounds good for the cost of land plots. Is it possible to set up other "players" (beyond just being the admin) in single player mode? I'd like to play around with defining other protected areas (in effect simulating what it would look like if you had other players that had joined on a server) -- It's purely for my own sandbox fun that I'd be doing this, but just wondering if it's possible?

    if you are playing without other users joining, then yes its possible to change other areas to fake user areas, this can be done by changing the Names and UID in the database, you can use a tool called DB Browser DownLoad Here  use this tool to open the plugin's database thats in the folder in the plugins folder, then just edit some names and UIDs and click (write changes)

    the table you need to edit is the Areas one, its in the drop down menu called Table

    BTW this is how i test the plugin, also you will notice when reloading the game, the areas are now showing green and red areas, the green areas are yours and red ones are other players

    I tried this out and it's looking very good so far yahgiggle!!! 8) I like how the whole world is protected at first and then you have to buy sections of land. Are you planning for an option to sell the land too -- (aside from the admin)?...the default size of the land plot is nice, but wondering if there would be a way to configure the size if desired? (or have an option to purchase a larger plot of land for a higher cost?)

    I was also wondering how (in single player mode) to buy land as someone other than the admin (hoping this is possible)? I imagine/hope additional player names could be set up somehow for that type of functionality? Thanks again for all your awesome work! :)

    ATM you earn points by been in the game, so each minute of playtime = 1 point, ATM you need 10 points to buy a plot but they only cost 2 points, ive made it cost also ten for this next update, so what this means is as you spend more time on a server you get to buy more area, so you just buy the plot next to the one you already own, for the shape its set this way so no plot can ever overlap anyone else's plot, for single player, it does not matter about the game you use to play with others, as soon as another player joins a single player game, the script will use there name and info and they will have there own areas and stuff, there is really no difference to single player or a server.

    yes you are right, but by setting the damage too zero and the id to -1 it gets around this, but of cause once cancel event has been added for construction i will change my code to use that.