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    You still can create a script that will heal you with a very short command line (ex /h), it's not as fast and as easy than just pressing a key, but it's the best you can have so far. (Feel free to take a look at the Zcript's source code, there's a healing function inside, you could take inspiration from there ;) )

    Yeah thats basically what I use to do ^^ but sometimes it gave you strange output ^^

    Anyway, I dont have a lot of time right now, I got a big project to finish for my work and I'm working on many "money-making" side projects, so I wont add any thing to Zcript soon

    Ok, I just discovered that the last time I edited the script.lua file on GitHub, I screwed evrything up \o/ Since I'm at the office, I can't commit/push modifications from my terminal, so I did it manually on the web interface, and I must have screwed something with a copy/paste xD

    A god damn elseif was in the middle of nowhere, like "Hello folks ! Wassup ? "

    It's fixed now, it should work :P Sorry for this stupid error !

    Wow, indeed, I looked at the file, and damn, I totally fucked this up last time I updated it ! My bad I'm sorry ! You can download a working version here : (there is a Download ZIP button on the right ;) )

    Sorry ! :D


    Wow, ja, habe ich mir die Datei, und verdammt, ich total dieses bis letzte Mal habe ich es aktualisiert gefickt! Mein schlechtes tut mir leid! Sie können eine funktionierende Version hier herunterladen: (es gibt eine ZIP-Taste auf der rechten;))

    I think Lenko mean Info over the server, server rights, ts- adress etc. pp and thits all in info block so with the command /server info /server adress etc. pp.

    Well that can be done indeed :) I'll think about it and put it on my to do list :D

    Sounds great.

    If you allow a group to contain persons and groups you can get a real organisation structure. Also if a person can me member in multiple groups and later on assign rights/grants to groups and allow some smart inheritance you can go really wild. ;)

    Easy ^^ It won't be very advanced, only a simple group management system ^^ But yeah, I'll try to do as much as I can :)

    I was also thinking about putting it in a separate script.

    However after the discution we had on IRC Lord, I'm thinking to update and totally rewrite my script to be okay with your standards, and clean this mess ^^

    So I wont add any new features until the script is totally reorganized ;) what about your searchs about calling module and stuff in LUA ?

    Hi folks !

    I said it many times, but now it gets real :P I'm currently working on a group management system. But before launching myself, I would like to know what you think I should add (as functionality !) for the group management part ! So far, this is going to be like this :

    Little group (so called :P)

    • Any player can create a group. When it create a group, he became "Group Leader" and can add and remove people from the groupe
    • When the group leader disconnect, the group is deleted
    • When multiple players are in the same group, they can use a /p (for party) command to speak only inside the group

    Bigger Group, guild (Maybe?)

    • Only admin can create guild (so people will need to ask to admin to create a guild), but they don't administrate guild, when an admin create a guild, he must specifiate a guild admin
    • When the guild admin is offline, the guild is still there
    • When multiple players are in the same guild, they can use /g (for guild) command to speak inside the guild only
    • Guild can have one or multiple "Guild's Chest", to use like a "guild bank" (well, I'll see what I can do with this)

    Maybe I could use the AreaProtection script to mix Guild / Area
    Maybe I could do something else ?

    So I'll try starting working on this as soon as I'll get more feedback about it :D Also, I would definitely need some help for the testing part !

    Cheers guys :D

    Yeah \o/
    When I setted up my computer on my first day at the office, I saw this crap called Empathy, first thing Ive done : Pidgin xD (and so much stuff xD I need to write myself a quick bash setup script xD )