Healing and more.

  • Ok so I was thinking of a few things that you could add but first how do you make it where if I press a button it will run a command? Like if I press H where it will heal me? Can I do that? ^^ But also it would be good if you could add a healing thing like I said. Thanks!

  • You can't do key bindings at the moment.

    My guess is that this will get implemented when scripts will be able to register themselves to the game's configuration interfaces. Until then, this is just not really possible without creating a lot of issues. One of these issues would be keyboard layout; where a key does not appear physically at the same place on a keyboard depending on country and/or locale. Not every one have a US keyboard :) (mine is CA-fr)

  • You still can create a script that will heal you with a very short command line (ex /h), it's not as fast and as easy than just pressing a key, but it's the best you can have so far. (Feel free to take a look at the Zcript's source code, there's a healing function inside, you could take inspiration from there ;) )

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