[SCRIPT] World Edit

  • The base purpose of this script is to help to clear and fill zones with blocks in game.
    You can get the fresh world edit script from github! Huge respect to @LordFoobar for redeveloping it from scratch and maintaining right now.

    The information below can be outdated! Please read "Readme.md" on github or use ingame /we help command

    How to use clear command and how to use help (updated)

    Using halfblocks

    Old description and commands


  • Actually I didn't plan to expand this script, wanted just to give the idea about how to use the new wrapper called "LuaWorld" for those who are stuck. There are two reasons for that: 1) @red51 promised the updated area protection script :) 2) this script should implement access control and it's reasonable to integrate cleaning/filling/etc functions to area protection script.

    BTW There is a new method LuaWorld:placeBlock(cx,cy,cz, bx,by,bz, blockID), that I didn't use. It places the desired block to the desired place, so it can be used for drawing huge 3D models in game, just need the 3D coordinates matrix and a little bit of programming.
    For those who don't know the RW coordinate system: there are chunks and blocks. Chunks consist of 16x64x16 blocks, so the block coordinate can be global or relative. In LuaWorld wrapper we use 3 chunk coordinates (cx,cy,cz) and 3 relative block coordinates(bx,by,bz).

  • Thank you for this andyzee ^.^

    Epic Insomniacs Rising World!

    Come have some fun @ or find us in the server list:
    [420] Epic Insomniacs Rising World Server

  • Can you add "green" in the list of named blocks?

    /we-fill green

    the same as

    /we-fill id 2

    Also, a command to fill, without clearing objects/constructions (but vegetation is ok) would be nice. When filling an area within construction, I'd like to leave any set blocks or objects intact. For example, putting dirt around a building foundation.

  • Sounds nice, how can i Install that?

    Klingt gut, wie installiere ich das Skript?

    Kenne mich mit Lua usw. nicht aus. Bin kein Programmierer, sondern Netzwerkadmin. Würde so ein Skript gerne für einen User nutzen, der das Gebiet ständig bearbeitet. Wie kann ich das einbauen?

  • Hallo zusammen,
    ich habe ein kleines Problem, ich habe die Zip in den folgenden Ordner kopiert:


    wie man sieht. Wenn ich im Spiel die Konsole aufrufe sagt er aber nur das er die Kommandos nicht kennt. Jemand eine Idee woran das liegt?

    Danke euch.

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