Transportation ideas

The crafting update for the new version is now available!
  • I am aware it is part of the road map to add transportation into the game. I just wanted to suggest a few different types.



    Sleds would help with moving resources but would be pulled by the player.

    Carts would be just like Sleds but could be pulled by either a mount or by the player. Maybe they would have a larger inventory than the sled.

    Carriages would be useful more in multiplayer

    When motorized vehicles come about fuel will be needed. Cannabis oil was at one point a by-product of making paper from Cannabis. Some of the engines used today were originally designed for this oil. How about when we make paper from hemp we get some oil from it that we can use to make fuel for the motorized vehicles.

  • Love the Sleds/Carts idea. Add in a movement speed penalty while towing those and we have a great way to move resources. Effectively just a mobile crate right? Great for extending mining trips, or moving raw resources to a new building site all in one go.

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