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    Wow! Well that explains the lag when you come on, brother! It's truly amazing and going to be beautiful. I bet you'll be done before Notre Dame is restored. I'll have to come by for Mass when you're finished. Would love to see a video demonstration of how you do the vaulting.

    yeah combined with my high australian ping.
    I hope so, I don't want to spend years and years on this. I started construction 40 days ago.
    The vaults took a lot of experimentation, but I found some tricks to get it done in the end. happy to share techniques with anyone :). The real tricky part was the 5 sided, assymetrical 5 pillar vaults in the ambulatory section. That entire part of the cathedral had to be build without using the grid.

    JF91 I saw your cathedral on Medieval Realms a few days ago, a really great work. ^^ And created in survival mode is even more grandiose. Do you work with CAD or building plans?

    I made a 2D floor plan before I started construction so that I could have all the geometry mapped out. But after that it's all been built as I go, no 3D models or anything. So I still have no plans for the towers or spire, I'll work that out soon. I have taken a lot of inspiration from real world cathedrals, but also putting my own spin on it all.

    Awesome! And remarkable that you do this in survival. Especially a cathedral has tons of repetitive parts. And it looks really nice so far. Keep it going :)

    Thanks! Yep building 56 identical vaulted ceilings without blueprints was interesting, each containing more than 200 construction elements haha. Now I have to decorate 56 large windows.

    My work in progress cathedral on the Medieval Realms server. A big and slow burning project, all built in survival mode with no blueprints. In its current state it contains 27506 construction elements, approximately 190 blocks long, 90 blocks wide, and the naive is about 52 blocks tall. A lot of work left. Everything black is makeshift work platforms and not part of the final build.

    Does it always happen after getting this message? :wat: Or is it the first time you got this message?

    This message basically indicates that there is a desync between the client and the server. This could be either caused by the internet connection, or by a bug in the game... :thinking:

    Cant say for sure because I have not kept track of every time it happens. But I have had that error multiple times, and from memory it matched pretty well with the bug. I can keep track of whether it happens next time.

    Thanks for the reports! Is there a specific situation when this happens? I guess this always happens after changing the tool, is that correct?

    Is the only way to fix this to quit the game (or reconnect to the server)? What happens if you drop the particular item and pick it up again, is it still acting weird then?

    So far it looks like it only happens in multiplayer?

    just happened again and it reminded me. So I dropped out of the server and get the message "You have been kicked from the server! Illegal state limit exceeded! Please check your internet connection and make sure you are not using modified game files"

    I logged back into the server and my axe and sledgehammer are both functioning as a pickaxe.

    I dont know the specific situation that triggers this bug unfortunately. I definitely switch tools, but I dont know if that is what causes it. The first sign that I have the bug is usually that the tool just makes the wrong sound. I went to knock down a plant with my axe and it made the wrong sound, and lifted the dirt around it like a rake. I was not doing anything strange leading up to that.

    The only way to fix is quit the game and restart, leaving and re-entering the server does not fix it! I have only observed it in multiplayer, but I only play multiplayer so cant confirm whether it happens offline. In case it is relevant, I have a high ping in the server (>250).

    I can confirm this happens sometimes, but unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce it yet :/ If it happens again, please send a report about this (just open the console and type "report", then add some information about this like "pickaxe suddenly functions as rake") - maybe this helps us to find out what causes this issue ;)

    Thanks, I have just sent in a report. My steel axe is functioning as a rake.

    I have had a strange bug several times now where 1 tool begins to function like a different tool - for example a pickaxe begins to function as a rake. The tool makes the different tool sound - for example hitting stone with a pickaxe makes the sound that a rake should make hitting stone, not the pick axe sound. The function is also swapped, the material actually increases in size as if I am right click raking it, rather than getting destroyed by the pick axe. I have had the same issue with a sythe as well.

    Leaving and re-entering a server does not fix the issue, but closing and re-opening the game does fix it.

    Sorry I don't have any better details to give!

    Well, if the Ping is that high its a matter of the server connection, not the game i guess. Might be that the server is on the other side of the world maybe. Better look for a server with low Ping

    Yes but on the java version I played on the same server with the same ping and had minimal latency. So I am no IT expert, but I feel like the same ping is much less tolerable than it was previously.

    I have been getting crazy long delays for actions on servers with >300 ping. I am talking 10-30 seconds at times. Other times it will randomly work fine and give me a <1s delay on the same server with the same ping doing the same activity. On the java version it was never anything like this. Any idea what might cause it?

    I can swing my pickaxe at a whole row of 10 or 20 blocks, go stand back for 10 seconds, and then watch the whole row implode. If I am raking a path I can rake 10s of meters of path and then watch it eventually take effect many seconds later. Same goes for opening chests, chopping trees.

    I was rowing my Rowboat on an online server and my internet dropped causing a disconnection. When I come back in game, the boat is there but I get red text "no free seat was found" when I try to get in. I assume because of the disconnection it thinks the boat is still occupied?

    With the new building system allowing you to drag construction elements when placing them in 3D, I find myself accidentally making mistakes like this. I tried to make a single thin layer of wooden boards on the roof. However I then went into the underneath room to discover that I accidentally placed like 50 layers of the thin boards instead of 1, and I now have thousands and thousands of elements to slowly deconstruct with my pickaxe......

    Is there an easy way to limit the dragging to just one axis (as it is with blocks in java) when placing to avoid this issue? So we could do a single horizontal layer for example. If not that would be a very handy feature IMO. Also is there any fast way to clear this mess? This will take hours with a pickaxe.....

    (sorry english) I know it has been mentioned in the past but we badly need portcullis, medieval style doors, and drawbridges (already in java)! If all of them could be resizeable they could be super versatile. Also if there was a couple of options for textures, the java drawbridge is great but there is only one option for textures, so sometimes it does not match the other textures. Everyone loves a good castle build!

    Thanks Red,

    100% understand, I think we forget that the features of the java version were gradually developed over 5+ years. It cant be a quick job to rebuild all those features from scratch, let alone all the new building mechanics we have.

    red51 Can you give any info about which update will include some of the key survival elements needed for a properly playable survival server? A lot of things are only possible in creative mode at the moment. Specifically thinking about things like ore generation, farming and hunger, the basic set of tools and their functionality (rakes, axes, hoes, sickles, furnaces etc). Am I right to think that these features will not all be in place when multiplayer is released? Would they come with the world generation update maybe?

    I know there are a ton of different features which could be a lot of work to catch up to what we have gotten used to in our Java version servers.