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    A progress update to end 2023. I did not quite meet my goal in time for the end of the year, but it is starting to look close to complete. I have made significant progress on the north tower, northern side of the nave, ambulatory and central spire. I think every key feature is in place, and completion now is mostly about finishing off the detailing. We are at 66,817 elements. Looking forward to adding more polish to the project in 2024.

    IIRC the fix already landed in the last update :thinking: It still had a limitation though: if downloading a single file takes too long (> 40 seconds), it would still result in a timeout (even though the client may still receive data) - this has been changed in the meantime, but the change isn't public yet (it will be part of the upcoming update).

    However, if you still get stuck in the loading screen, do you mind sending us another report (after connecting failed)? :)

    Having said that, the last update also introduced a new setting which could help in this situation: You could try to open the file in the game directory and set Game_DisableLoadingInactivity to true, then try to connect again. Do you still run into the issue then?

    thanks for the reply.

    I don't think it can be this 40s issue because it is consistantly 27-30s between me hitting connect and receiving the error.

    I just sent in another report. hopefully you received it.

    I tried to find Game_DisableLoadingInactivity in but it does not exist in my file.

    edit: I was looking in the old version! I found it in the new version and changed it. I was able to log in successfully first try after that. Looks promising, I will see how that goes over the next few days. :)

    hi red51, did this fix end up making it into the game? I am still having the same issue. every now and then I am able to get into the game, but then it goes back to the same issue sooner or later. reaches 10% and then cannot connect to server error message.

    Yesterday marked 9 months since construction started. The southern tower is now getting close to completion, including the spire at 172 blocks tall. Work on the north tower is a fair way behind, and the central crossing tower only has its base. I have been working away on small details that are hard to notice unless you climb around up close. The main focus has been getting the north face of the cathedral up to scratch. The structure is up to 56,661 construction elements. I had estimated the structure would be 60,000 elements at completion, but it looks like it will be far more than that once I finish.

    My goal is to get the core of the build to resemble a completed structure by the end of the year. I will continue adding details and features afterwards, but I don't want it to look like a construction site beyond then.

    I have not been able to log in to the Medieval Realms server for about a week now. The game loads up to 10%, and then I drop out with the message "unable to connect to server". I can connect to every other server that I try, its only with the specific server. Other players use the server without issue so the server is not completely broken, and my internet connection is fine as I connect to other servers fine.

    Any idea what to try?


    Just a couple suggestions that I have come across that would be useful for building:

    - Saving texture scale between sessions. Most settings in the radial menu, like rotation angle etc, are remembered across play sessions but texture scale is not. It can be really frustrating having to tear down a bunch of stuff because you forgot to set the texture scale appropriately every time you log in. Perhaps this was an oversight?

    - Element spacing gap setting. We can drag elements and use the + key to adjust the gap between elements. However it changes by 0.005 block intervals, which makes it take really really long to adjust the gap if you use large gaps. If we could set that through the radial menu, or even just using a console command, that would be great! (for example setgap 1)

    - texture rotation. Most textures seem to be set to the world axes regardless of the rotation of the element orientation. If you place elements at unusual angles (building ignoring the grid), the textures of things like timber flooring can look ugly and unrealistic. I see that some textures do rotate with the element rotation instead of the world axes, for example material 169, so it must be possible. Perhaps there could be a toggle in the console to choose whether a texture locks to the world axes, or the element axes? (for example settexturemode 1 or something...)

    It wont be as bad once we can place terrain by hand, but without it its very frustrating. For example if you accidentally rake down a bit of land on the coast, once it dips under water it is impossible to fix it.

    When raking sandy/stony dirt on the coast of an island, right click raking above sea level increases the height of the terrain as expected. However as soon as you get below the water level, the same right click raking action does the opposite, it lowers the terrain. As far as I can see there is no way to raise the level of terrain of underwater dirt. You can shrink the size of an island, but you cant expand it. Is this difference intentional? It would be nice to be able to do some underwater terraforming in survival mode like we can do above ground.

    I think red is focusing on the key features to make the game playable first. So the world, the construction system, npcs. There will be way more unique items in the future, just need to be patient. Right now the game is more of a sandbox construction game than a survival game.

    In November 2022 I started my biggest project yet, a "realistic" medieval cathedral. The project is on the Medieval Realms server. This is a 100% survival build, with no blueprints allowed. This means I need to gather the resources, place each element one at a time, without the use of fly mode. It is a gradual long-term build so I have no idea when it will be completed. The cathedral is my own design, but draws inspiration from many real-world cathedrals including Cologne Cathedral, Notre Dame and Milan Cathedral. I thought I would make a post to document the construction process.

    As of the 31st December 2023

    General metrics:

    Dimensions = 208 blocks long, 106 blocks wide, 172 blocks tall

    Number of construction elements = 66,817

    Construction time = 480 hours

    Fatal falls = 1

    Broken legs = 7