Server Use of Non-Steam Version(s)

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  • I am not fond of the Steam Platform, and recently discovered that this game is available for purchase outside of Steam – so I grabbed a couple licenses. I notice there is a server.jar for the older version, but no .bat file to launch or config file like what comes with the Dedicated Server on Steam.

    Can the NON-Steam version of the game be used as a dedicated server as well, or is that functionality locked away in Steam only? I have a decently hefty server machine that I'm trying to set up as a personal server (just 2-3 players) and I'd really like to *not* have Steam installed on it.

    Also, what about the Unity version of the game (same question(s))?


  • Oiy, I guess not... just found the article about Servers and SteamCMD. Just wondering though, why is dedicated server functionality locked away in Steam? Is this a permanent situation?

  • The dedicated server is indeed only available through Steam atm, but anonymous login (via SteamCMD) is supported, so there is no need to install Steam or to own the game there. The main reason why there isn't a "non-Steam server" available is that in order to be able to authenticate Steam players (who may join the server), the server requires the Steam SDK - and back then the license situation was a bit unclear (about whether or not it is allowed to ship the Steam libraries with a non-Steam application)...

    Having a non-Steam server (which does not allow Steam users to join) is probably a bad idea, so if we want to offer a download on our homepage, we must include the Steam SDK. Actually there was no need for that before (most hosters probably use SteamCMD anyway, and standalone users who wanted to host a non-Steam session could just use the LAN mode) ^^ As a result, we also don't have a pipeline for automatic server updates (since this was handled by Steam before), so there would be some additional work involved if we want to offer a non-Steam server.

    Having that said, we appreciate any feedback in this regard ;) The situation may change for the Unity version if it becomes available on more stores (e.g. Epic, GOG etc), but unfortunately I can't say much about that yet.

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