Rising World Dedicated Server

  • I have Rising World [unity] - When I hit "play"

    it allows me to pick what version I play.

    I have Rising World Dedicated Server [unity]

    My question is: How can I run the Rising World Java version?

  • If you want to get the Java server, you have to opt-out of the [unity] beta branch. To do that, rightclick on the RW dedicated server in Steam -> select properties -> betas -> select "None" and close the window. But before doing that, it's highly recommended to uninstall the server first and remove all remaining files from the folder manually, otherwise any remaining files of the new version server may interfere with the Java server.

    If you want to keep both servers, I'd recommend to move the content of the "RisingWorldDedicatedServer" directory (in Steam/steamapps/common/) to a separate folder or subfolder (for example you could call it "_New Version"), then install the Java server (or vice versa). Instead of starting the server through Steam then, you could just run the particular server exe directly (or create a shortcut to it) ;)

  • When I go to "To do that, right-click on the RW dedicated server in Steam -> select properties -> betas -> select "None" and close the window."

    I get this before I open:

    and this when opened:

    I don't see: "select properties -> betas -> select "None" and close the window."

  • Sorry for not being clear, you have to rightclick on Rising World in your Steam library, i.e. in the Steam client to get to the Steam-specific settings for the RW server, there you can select the beta you want ;)

  • Is this the right version?

    You can find the server version at the very top of the console output / server log. The file version doesn't matter. The latest Java version is 0.9.6

    Is this the right SteamID?
    This is not my Steam64 id.

    This is the SteamID of the game server, it's not related to your personal SteamID.

    If you want to host a private multiplayer session (so friends can connect to your actual SteamID), use the "Play with friends" option instead (the "Play with friends" option can be found in the singleplayer menu of the game) :)

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