[Server Plugin] AutoPickup

  • This is a small plugin that automatically picks up items on the ground around you. There are a few cases of items that won't be picked up by the plugin (guns, API custom items), mostly due to me no being able to find all the required item info to reproduce the item in the inventory; e.g. dropping a gun with 20 rounds gets picked up with zero rounds. I may find a solution to these in the future, or not. ;) In either case, there are some updates* I want to make, so there will be changes coming.

    The code-base is at Github, so you can see exactly how hacky my code is, and also so you can see there are no nasties in it.

    Repo - https://github.com/HomeWorldMC/AutoPickup

    Working Build - http://www.thehomeworld.org/resources/AutoPickup.7z

    * Updates Pending

    - Ability to disable if you don't what to auto pickup on a server using the plugin. Maybe something like /ap disable, /ap enable. Added commands; /ap disable & /ap enable

    - A couple of global variables that should really be per player variables need to be fixed. Fixed

  • Textra

    Changed the title of the thread from “[Plugin] AutoPickup” to “[Server Plugin] AutoPickup”.
  • for the weapons picked up with no ammo issue. not sure if it would work. use the

    PlayerDropItemEvent to get the item to assign the ammo count as an attribute. when its picked up use the object definition to get the correct ammo and the attribute to add to correct amount to the players inventory.

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