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    in case you need a timer for the permissions based on time, you can use the players join time (i believe is time in milliseconds from January 1 1970). something like what i use for auctions

    with this method the the starttime would be the players join time and the duration is how long you want the timer in hours

    public Long createEndTime(Long startTime, Integer duration){
    long endTime = startTime + (1000 * 60 * 60 * duration);
    return endTime;

    i had to fight with it a bit as well. the fallowing code is the code i use for my auction house plugin.

    try using the playercraftitemevent to get the item and use the example below.

    Somehow the auction house is faulty :( - tried to sell 150 yarns yesterday and another 100 today: both stacks have disappeared from the inventory, but don't appear in the list and I didn't get an email either :(

    it takes up to 90 seconds for them to show up. you can also click the refresh button to refresh the listings at anytime

    there was indeed an error that was stopping it from sending the mail. give me a bit to to look threw the logs so i can return everything. so sorry about that!

    How exactly does the Auction House work? I was sure that I bid on at least one item, and it showed it as my having bid.... but now its disappeared and I haven't received anything? I checked my mail a few times, but have no messages...

    Also if you put items for sale in the Auction House, do you get them back if they don't sell? Or do they just vanish (sure that has happened to me)?

    Great idea though, love it...

    i will take a look now. if the item doesnt sell you should get it back. if you are outbid your bid should be returned

    my only issue with that is, it seems a bit pricey after buying the first 2 plots. As I'm a builder, rather than a miner, it may take me a long time to get enough coins for the next area.

    you should have started out with enough to buy a few areas. areas used to be a lot cheaper but i raised them to balance things out as i add new things. i thought i gave everyone more coin when i raised the price. whats your in game name so i can give you more coin? ive have updated your coin. you did in fact join before i updated the plugin and i somehow missed you. ive given you some more coin.

    One thing - how much protection do the areas give? I've been locking doors and planting behind walls as I wasn't sure? (I don't have Discord).

    everything is protected including mount and vegetation.

    I would like to introduce the Rising Kingdoms server! we have area protection, animal taming, land management(buy/sell land), Auction house, economy (With a bank), Portals, mail and a customizable wisp light pet! feel free to stop by!

    i will be adding videos and images to this post in the near future!

    Please note that the plugins are always being improved so there may be changes! feel free to join the discord and let us know what you would like to see on Rising Kingdoms!

    yeah, i have it fixed for the version on my server. i would release the version im using but its tied into my currency and auction house plugins. once we get a scrolling ui element i will redo this plugin. tho i may expand upon it and add a way for other plugins to send mails as a notification system. the way mine is set up currently...if you win an auction you get a mail with the item attached. if you are at a mailbox you can claim items from the mail.

    the error is caused by typing /Mail with nothing after it. the command is an array and is looking for index 1 (/Mail) and index 2 (box, help or playerlist). unfortunately i cant seem to find the project for the public version of the plugin so i cant fix the error. in the mean time the error wont cause any issues.

    the permissions in the groups folder are you basic permissions(what a player can do in the unprotected world).

    then you have area permissions that are assigned to a player(Owner). areas also have a default permission witch is active in an area that any player does not own. since your default permission is to restrict non owners you want to block pretty much every thing in this permission. once an area is created you must set the default permissions and add an owner.

    there is a hierarchy to the permissions as well.

    if a player is not in an area it uses group permissions

    if a player is in an area they do NOT own the areas default permission is used .if this is not set it uses the players group permissions witch is where i think you are having your issue as they are destroying areas. without this set they are basicly able to act as they are not even in an area.

    if a player is in an area they own it uses whatever permissions group the owner is assigned to

    for example. i have a cities areas permissions. when i set this are the default area players can do things like open doors but not chests.

    another example. i have pvp areas. the areas default permission allows pvp but enables loose items on death. so even if a player is in a group permission that does not allow for pvp its of overridden when in the pvp area.