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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    I'm sure you know not than me - I'm not a programmer, but how do you know its C++ and not C#?

    I've followed RW development for many years now, and I've never seen a post mentioning what the new game will be written in except that it's going to be using Unity.

    As the Java version was written in, well, Java, I just assumed the new one would be C#. As it makes sense to me. Again, not a programmer. A hobbiest at best. :saint:

    everything i have looked at about/for unity is c# . also, from everything i have looked at c# is a lot more like java than c++. you mentioned data structures as well, i had not even thought of that. that being said i agree it would be giving the game away, unity version or not.

    A "ConnectToOtherServer()" method would be awesome. i intended to use an SQLite database. tinkering with java plugins i ran into a lot of db-locked errors and had been thinking of going to MySQL. i intend to release this part as a plugin for other servers to use as well. i think ill get to setting up a MySQL server!

    im planning on adding a lot of rpg aspects to my server at some point. im planning on 1 server for normal PVE/PVP stuff. for my quest line stuff im wanting to have all of that set up on another server. when they accept the quest it will send them to the quest server. my issue is going to be syncing player inventory to the quest server then on disconnect or quest finish sending the player and new inventory back to the main server. will there be anyway to accomplish this? if no i need to plan differently.

    Would love to see a mod that adds magic given the medieval weapons, skeletons, fantasy sandbox feel of the game. Don't see a mod that adds it unless I missed it, someone made one for alchemy and extra weapons would love to see alchemy expanded upon and magic added. :) Also would love to see a hemp mod that expands on hemp, maybe smokeable would love that.

    i had planned on adding magic to my rpg collection but at this point i dont feel the player base is there for me to spend time on it atm. i had though about the "hemp" thing as well, makes your hunger and thirst climb fast and add some wonky screen effects lol.

    Sorry for the late response! This error basically shows up if it takes "too long" to generate the chunks that were requested by a client. Chunk creation has to happen synchronized, and if another thread holds the lock on the chunk list for too long (because it takes too long to generate the chunks), this message occurs.

    This mostly happens if a client spawns in a new area which hasn't been loaded before since server restart (once a chunk has been generated, it's stored in the cache until next restart, so chunk requests can be processed a lot faster). The higher the view distance of the client, the worse it gets. And it also depends a bit on the speed of the CPU and the hard drive of the server (the server benefits from an SSD in this case).

    Having said that, this error is basically harmless (more or less) ^^ It will cause the client to request the chunk(s) again with a small delay, so in the worst case, it slows down world generation for this client a bit. It's still a bit annoying if it shows up frequently in the log, so we'll see if we can improve this part (e.g. increase the timeout threshold or speed up chunk generation in general) ;)

    thanks, ill stop watching the server console now! lol. the machine dual x5677 with 64 gb ram an a samsung 850 pro.

    if the unity API is anything like the java API it would be kind of simple from a plugin standpoint. have an item to equip and simply reduce gravity until the next mesh collision. add a physics impulse for control. as for lag i can see it causing a little but nothing that would be game breaking. when admins are flying around i think the the lag is caused by the constant loading/unloading of chunks. that being said you could simply set gravity to a safe rate that wouldn't allow them to pass threw more than 3 chunks. as for gliding and being able to gain altitude would be able to cause a lot of lag.

    i had not looked at the server for a few days. all was fine 3 days ago. when i looked today im getting this error non stop. i have restarted the the unity server and have tried rebooting the physical machine as well. after restart the error doesnt start until a player logs in.

    James: I am running from business-class internet on an old gaming PC. It is currently online still, just logged in to check. I think I'm also experiencing some ISP support issue here. I'm testing it from my home internet, so a different IP. How did you resolve it in your case? My iSP is Spectrum.

    i use spectrum as well. i had to get a different router and used their modem.

    is your server Currently running? are you hosting from home or a game host? i had ran into an issue with my isp's supplied router. the router didnt support ip looback or something and was stopping me from seeing it in the list. others outside or my ip could see it but i had to join localy.

    yes, thinking about it the ghost thing would probably be the best. adding said items to the ghost would be interesting as well. hammer tool and you just have the items in your inventory swing at the ghost to add the items from inventory. or just the ghost image that you have to place each block by hand to the ghost. the first way could lead to hiring npc's to build for you when given a hammer

    i was thinking something along the lines of base materials. if a build uses 5 different textured wood blocks and 4 stone blocks you use the materials thats needed to make those blocks . things like doors and chests could be done the same way x amount of wood x amount of iron ingot and so on. i do understand the inventory limitations.