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    ive been toying with a few hp/dell soc thin clients. got them for 10 usd and they only draw 10 watts. they leave alot to be desired tho. but if its only for a private server for yourself it should be ok.

    Redeye: Take a look at WTGPortals, there is a small authorization system. I can't say to what extent the plugin is finished or needs to be further developed.

    sorry for the late reply, nursing a wrist injury atm. ill get back to updating the plugins when it gets better. indeed there is a setting to set the portals public/private. when a portal is set to private it is ignored and not synced to the player on connect. this way its as if the portal doesnt even exist if its set to private.

    The problem indeed appears to be happening in the Portals plugin, as mentioned by yahwho , but in fact that seems to be just a follow-up error :thinking: According to the report you've sent, there is an error in the UnityBundleLoader plugin. This apparently causes issues when using the reloadplugins command.

    According to the log, an old version of the UnityBundleLoader plugin was used (0.0.1). I was able to reproduce the issue with that version, but it seems to be fixed with the latest version (0.0.2), so I would recommend to install the latest version of that plugin ;)

    the reload plugins command has always crashed my server. it works fine in single player tho.

    well, it doesn't have to be a whole scroll. I would also like a background with old paper, possibly frayed at the edges. :)

    i think the paper look would suit the theme better :thinking:

    i re-coded most of the ui today to make it easier to allow ui themes!

    i like the scroll very much :love:

    unfortunately i found the scroll to hard to design a UI around! but i am making it so you can change backgrounds and at some point upload your own!

    got some more work done today. working on the UI to assign Attribute/skill points!

    where do the goods for the autionshaus come from? by selling players to the house, or is everything there? and do you have to go somewhere, or is it all done via letters?

    i would find a market place very nice; where you can rent a stand and deposit goods for sale

    .... had that several years ago on a mincraft server (that was handled with boxes and signs)

    sorry for the late reply! everything in the auction house would be bought/sold by the players. as for how its not sure yet. im thinking you have to goto an auction house in town or use a custom item to spawn an auctioneer npc. when buying from the npc it gets delivered to you mailbox. as for the market, im thinking you can sell from an area you own or you can buy a market area to build a booth to sell from.

    as for an update on the progress ive got a working money system exp and leveling system that is set by profession. im currently working on a ui but dont know what style i want yet. im leaning more towards a final fantasy 2-3 type gui!


    let me know what you all think

    I have the plugin on my server and it's running fine so far.

    My question would be whether the area for querying whether someone is in the portal could be expanded?

    It seems to me to be very small and that you have to enter exactly a certain point :thinking:

    as soon as creating areas via api work correctly i will change how its triggered. for now i added the portal assist witch add a small collider to the portal. just walk into it until it stops you and your in the center.

    That's weird, I'll take a closer look at this issue :thinking: Thanks for the log!

    With restart, do you mean an actual server restart? Or reloading the plugins via "reloadplugins" or "rp" command?

    the reloadplugins command has no effect, i have to restart the actual server,game for sp for it to work if it would help i can get you a cleaner log

    also if i list areas before restart with an api created area i get a game crash!


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    seems areas created using the api always returns the same areaId

    both methods return same id for api areas until the sp game/server is restarted

    , areas created with creative mode return the correct areaId.


    was bored so made a small gravity plugin.

    /gravity default sets your gravity

    /gravity VALUE value has to be a float (-5.0f) default gravity is -9.81f.

    /gravity all default sets all players on the server gravity to default

    /gravity all VALUE sets all players on the server gravity

    entering other commands that start with /gravity can/will cause an error!

    again just for fun i would only use on single player worlds!


    if you dare enter /gravity 999.99f.



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