New Version Profile (Change Appearance / Gender?)

A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)
  • Hi all, me again. Is there way to change gender? Old searches for Java version show a profile option using esc key./ That does not exist in new version. Is this possible?

  • This will maybe come with the "Player Model" implementation (see also my answer to your first thread). The development team is very small, if I know correctly two persons for programming, one person for the sound effects. You will need a good amount of patience, but in the end the waiting will be rewarded :D

  • Very cool! Yeah I knew the game was still very early and small support staff. Felt like donating to the cause as I really enjoy survival games. I do think I underestimated the unity status and missed the "Demo" stage, so that would make sense that there are still a bunch of things missing. Wife and I will wait for the update launch of unity and come back then.

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