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Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon

    Was ich bisher so gelesen habe, wäre es echt schade, wenn ihr den Server wieder schließen würdet. Wie wäre es, ihn als Touristen-Attraktion offen zu lassen? Schließlich ist er ja eine Art "Best of ...." Sammlung.

    An idea just popped into my brain ... red51 For the demo, would it be possible that you include on top or at bottom of the screen a red text which is shown all the time, like "Walking simulator only, no crafting, beings or tools included yet but coming soon"? That way, people would be inable to misunderstand the demo as demo of the whole game itself???

    Hope never dies, right? Maybe in future don't use the word "demo" anymore but "pre-alpha walking sim" ... lol, shortened to "PAWS" :P fits :D

    I am aware that this on-screen text may irritate some players because it does not vanish, but like a German phrase states, "One death you have to die" :) Better die this death than a misleading interpretation of "demo".

    Currently, you can switch off the spiders in the game settings :) They appear in deep caves, to replace them with other animals like cats would be weird down there :D

    was not asking for it to be removed. You can still cut down a tree and then the stump, but if you leave the stump then in say 8 hrs it should turn back into a tree or disappear. I have been admin on several servers of the years and i have spent many many many hours removing stumps people have not removed.

    Interesting idea :) When the stump is removed, no tree will grow there, when the stump is left, a tree will grow at the same location. The saplings can still be used to plant trees at other locations.

    As Minotorious mentioned, both the Standalone and Steam version and will get the new update ;) And the standalone will still be kinda DRM free (well, actually it's not exactly DRM free, as you have to enter your serial to launch the game - although it can be installed on any number of computers, and you can also play it without an active internet connection [which is only required for the first time installation]).

    Little question mark floating above my head: If there are bugfixes etc, will the standalone version require an internet connection, too, to update?

    for instance, there could be a "low tier workbench" (which would be the only craftable workbench after spawning) where you can only craft medieval items, and another, higher tier workbench (which would be craftable somewhere mid-game)

    Well, THIS sounds VERY good :) Thank you :D

    I REALLY want to see magic in the game. I'm surprised this many people didn't want it. I think a fair balance would be to add magic but to make sure that players don't feel obligated to use it to progress through the game.

    As a person who prefers medieval/fantasy play styles, it frustrates me to see that the best tier tools are modern day tools such as chainsaws, guns, etc. Adding magic could be more for aesthetic differences. (Spells that cut trees at the same speed as chainsaws, etc.)

    The game is in a weird state right now where the weapons are swords and battleaxes, and you wear medieval armor, but you trim grass with a weed wacker and fight giraffes. There's no set theme and to progress through the game you're forced to use a strange mix of modern and medieval tools.

    red51 in my very beginning I also was a bit irritated by the mix of medieval and new technology. Would it be possible to have an option where players can select "medieval/magic", "tech", "both" where the game then limits (or not) what the player can craft/use? For example when selecting "medieval/magic" I would not be able to produce electric items, chainsaws, guns and ore detector or use the miners helmet with the lamp.

    Items could be adapted to the settings, e.g. the miners helmet with the lamp would be an iron helmet with a candle in the non-tech setting.

    That way both user groups (tech/non-tech) would be able to play their preferred style in the same game (Rising world). Server admins would have to decide what they allow on their server.

    On the one hand many options can give full freedom to players, on the other hand I fear that the list of possible options will become overwhelming for new players. Maybe we need a "starter default setting" for new players and "detailed advanced setting" for players which want to stay in the game and want to have more influence.

    Danke red51 für die Auswertung. So ungefähr hatte ich mir das Ergebnis auch vorgestellt.:)

    Die Idee von red51 mit dem Wetterwechsel-Magiestab finde ich für mich persönlich zwar Hammermäßig, einfach der Gedanke ist super, aber das als Feature auf einem Multiserver zu erlauben, wäre wohl eher mit Vorsicht zu genießen.

    Ich denke, auf den Multiservern könnte das auf gleiche Art wie mit dem Sprengstoff geregelt werden: Der Admin entscheidet, ob oder ob nicht. Oder da könnten sie z.B. auf 1x nutzbar pro User begrenzt werden, oder nur als very very very rare item irgendwo erhältlich sein. Red hatte ja schon "seltener" Stab geschrieben. Oder der Stab wirkt nur innerhalb der vom Admin definierten Area protection des entsprechenden Users. Keine Ahnung natürlich, ob das programmtechnisch möglich sein würde.