Noob dedicated server questions

  • Have read through the pinned posts by the developer, thank you for those.

    Got my server up and running and am able to connect to it, but I don't understand for the life of me where you actually enter server commands, I noted the help post mentions it is not the same as the individual player console but I can't figure where it actually resides.

    I have tried the commands in the actual worldserver exe window that launches when you create the server but that does nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated, I did a search of the forum posts but did not find anything indicating the location of these server related commands.


  • The input commands you can send to the server are indeed different from the regular ingame commands (the ones that can be entered by a player into console). Actually you just have to type them into the worldserver exe window. Here is an overview of all commands: Server Commands [New Version]

    So if you enter version, for example, the server should output the current version. If you enter say Hello World, the server sends a "Hello World" chat message to all players etc ;)

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