igloo (ice house/snow house)

  • a cozy little house for snowy areas (or for adding to my snowglobe kit ;D). you have to crouch to enter, but can easily stand inside, and it even has room for a small base!

    my being bad at math and circles being based on an irrational number made this a bit of a challenge, but i'm pleased with the final result! also thanks to my husband TayohShadowind for helping me with the final bits when i started to burn out.

    personally i prefer the smoothed version, but it is harder to modify as it is made up of a lot more individual blocks, so i have also attached the original blueprint that is just the core of the build.

    you could also repaint the blocks for it to be a mudbrick house, and maybe add windows, if you want, tho that is tricky on the smooth version. skylight would be easy tho!

  • AlphaGodith

    Changed the title of the thread from “igloo” to “igloo (ice house/snow house)”.

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