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    i don't think this game is the kind to have prefabs- premade empty structures like entire houses or chunks of houses that you then lay out how you want. you're supposed to make your own buildings from scratch with the construction elements or 'blocks'. if you don't want to do that tho, there's tons of blueprints people have shared where they already have, and you can just use their build like a prefab.

    FURNITURE however, yes, there's gonna be a lot of that, just later. right now red's still working on basic functionality and features.

    i would love it if all animals were shy, but to varying degrees. like truly wild animals such as deer, rabbits, and foxes, should flee a good distance as soon as they catch sight of you, but more domestic animals like sheep should just flee a short distance away if you get very close.

    i also think boar and moose should attack if you get too close, THEN flee. a middle ground between purely passive and purely aggressive creatures adds SO much realism, and yet so few games do it.

    and i figure once taming is implemented, it would probably be done with an item, which would either be useable regardless of the animal fleeing (like a lasso) or would prevent them from fleeing at all while you have it out (like treats/bait)

    Many of us have done that too. I personal hope that we can blueprint our hard terrain work. ^^

    oh yeah, it would be so cool to be able to save terrain modifications too! i heard we're getting a block that can be sculpted like terrain tho, so that might be used in place of blueprinting actual terrain.

    can some one tell me how to add a photo to this please?

    when you add attachments just select screenshots that you took of your blueprint while in-game. same as attaching the blueprint files themselves.

    yeah, i know it's been posted about over on steam and i've talked to red about the general issues with glass not showing other glass before, so i assume he knows about this too. something to do about there being checks for objects behind glass all the time that make it very expensive to have it show properly.

    *shakes fist at language barriers*

    ah no, in english it's called 'surface edit', but i didn't use that for this particular thing. what i did was just snap a bunch of cylinders to each other at an angle, in sequence, forming a semi-circle. it's the most time-consuming part of making letters, because there are various different turns in the path of the pipe. sometimes they need to be sharper, or wider, and it can be annoying to figure out how to re-make those specific curves each time.

    so i wanted to make a blueprint of each size/type of curve, so i could just put a single blueprint in instead of having to re-make the curves from scratch. but the problem is that once blueprinted, the cylinders no longer line up with the straight pipes i placed manually, so they just don't fit into the unfinished letter at all.

    i'm not sure if i understood that right, or if this is the same issue, but it does bother me when i go to place a blueprint and its 'center' seems to put the objects that make it up off-kilter with the rest of the world. i ran into this issue when i tried to make blueprints of curved pipe sections at various degrees, for making neon sign letters. at the most precise movement i could get them, they wouldn't line up with the straight parts of the letters, so i had to resort to making the curves from scratch every time.

    Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich das richtig verstanden habe oder ob dies dasselbe Problem ist, aber es stört mich, wenn ich gehe, um eine Blaupause zu platzieren, und ihre „Mitte“ scheint die Objekte, aus denen sie besteht, aus dem Gleichgewicht zu bringen übrigen Welt. Ich bin auf dieses Problem gestoßen, als ich versuchte, Blaupausen von gekrümmten Rohrabschnitten in verschiedenen Graden zu erstellen, um Neonzeichenbuchstaben zu erstellen. Bei der präzisesten Bewegung, die ich bekommen konnte, würden sie nicht mit den geraden Teilen der Buchstaben übereinstimmen, also musste ich jedes Mal auf die Kurven von Grund auf zurückgreifen.

    i'm pretty sure 'postponed' just means they ran into some sort of difficulty and decided to work on things they knew they could get done faster instead, just for the moment, so they can get unity up to speed with java asap.

    some people here have shown themselves to have no respect for art, and it's taken a lot of the fun out of this for me, but i know that red51 would want me to enjoy his game, and there are people here who DO care, so this is for them.

    note that the glass of milk is a LITTLE buggy. if you place it and the milk doesn't show through, just destroy the container part of glass and then type 'undo' in the console to put it back. the milk inside will then be visible through it.

    the only way i can comprehend the anti-credit attitude i'm seeing here is that you yourselves are thieves and don't want to admit fault, so you're trying in vain to make it seem like it's okay. just like how cheaters are always 'oh everyone cheats sometimes tho' NO. WE DON'T. some of us have morals, and you could too. quit trying to shift the blame onto everyone else.

    really just completely baffling how many people are saying 'if you don't want people to steal from you, just don't have things they can steal' instead of the obviously morally correct option of 'yeah stealing is wrong and people shouldn't do that'. maybe it wouldn't be such a common problem if you people actually advocated against it and punished people/called people out for doing it instead of just being like 'eh, it happens. if you have feelings that can get hurt, you shouldn't participate in communities at all'. think about what kind of world you are fostering!

    fun story to go along with all this. i just discovered a blueprint artist on here that hasn't posted in a while, via the credit Mag gave them when she posted a screenshot that included something of theirs. impressed by the screenshot, and having a name to accredit the impressive work to, i then searched that user on these forums and found they made a TON of INCREDIBLE pieces that i can now enjoy and comment on.

    interestingly, i had actually already seen some of their work before; an eagle cut-out. it was on the side of a ship i downloaded from someone else. that someone did NOT credit dagoline in their post, so i thought they made the eagle themself. my husband and i complimented the wrong person, and the right person would never know how impressed we were if i hadn't found them through mag.

    i would not only have never seen all the other awesome work dagoline had done if not for mag crediting them, but they would never get the positive feedback from me if i thought someone else had made what they did. personally, that kind of feedback is crucial for my continued building and sharing. what's the point of art if not to have people see and enjoy it? how could i know my work means anything if nobody ever sees it and tells me they appreciate it?

    credit. matters.

    nope. well, not in the form of updates, anyway. developing one game is time consuming enough, red can't do both. java will remain as it was when the switch to unity began, forever, while unity will come to match and then surpass it in every way.

    red will probably still offer support in the form of talk assistance when people have difficulty with java, tho.