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    soon the world will expand (due to ridable horses for speedy travel and new biome elements to explore) so i will need bridges to make traveling far and wide and back home again easier. maybe you will too, so here! not super fancy but i did give it two different types of stone to make it a tad more interesting to look at, and i tried to leave room for boats underneath. (Player Mannequin for scale not included)

    lastly, thanks to TayohShadowind for helping with some of the repeated construction elements after i designed it.

    Perhaps heating a house could be possible by having the game calculate an area around a heat source. From there give each block in that area a hypo/hyperthermal value, of course since would be in three dimensions the game would calculate a volume. Preventing the heat from going through building could be done by having the game determine if an object (block, plank, beam) is within heated dimensions. Then based upon material of the obstruction a value could be subtracted from the thermal value.

    Given everything else going on with the game at the moment, this would be a pain to implement where it wouldn't cause lag.

    i do like the idea of an enclosed space being encouraged/rewarded in terms of heat retention. like a campfire out in the open air shouldn't be as good at warming the player/surrounding space as one in a cave or building, imo. that sort of limitation makes it feel more rewarding to build a proper shelter, and gives the game a nice cozy vibe, too.

    This looks amazing! I just love how perfectly you arranged the eggs in the basket with little bits of grass. I'm also super impressed with how much detail you put into the basket itself. I have no idea what it takes for you to weave things like that in the game, or even the rope you put around that log cabin for the lanterns, but it always looks top-notch! I want one of these in every house I build!!

    thanks so much hun! the basket isn't actually all that detailed, i didn't properly weave it like some people have done (i am not that patient XD) but i thought what i did looked nice enough :3 the grass was the most annoying part cuz i had to rotate/angle each blade individually. also after you saw it in-game, i reworked it a little to make the eggs as close as possible in size to the actual items! i'm glad you like it!

    i was very happy when red added blue chicken eggs to the game after i told him about them, so i wanted a way to display them. also, woven baskets are just neat, and i couldn't find a hand basket like this in these forums already. so i made both! may be the wrong season for easter decor, but eh.

    i kept having to ask my husband to pose by things i was building for size reference, and since i didn't like having to bother him all the time, i decided to just make a wooden sculpture replica of the default player model to use instead. i'm pretty sure there's a way to just spawn in a dummy player, but, this was more fun to figure out, and i can imagine some other fun uses for it as well. none of it is painted btw! it's all just different natural wood blocks. and i'm including a version without underwear or detailed face/hair cuz i thought someone might prefer a more generic/less creepy one.

    disclaimer; the base sculpture (far right in pic) for this was traced from an actual player(thanks TayohShadowind for leaving your game running while i did that), but all the detailing was done normally/eyeballed.

    UPDATE; added female version of the plain mannequin

    my first proper house in the new version! just a simple single-room log cabin. i intend to rework and expand upon it at some point (add fireplaces, rework the windows/walls so i can add room partitions, maybe add a loft, etc), but i think it's quite useable in its current state and i'm happy to show it off. special note; the flat interior walls can be edited/painted separately from the exterior log siding! and while it's built on a hill originally, it wouldn't take much to tweak it for a flatter space.

    also special thanks to my husband TayohShadowind for helping me with some of the more tedious/repetitive parts of the construction process.

    i don't think this game is the kind to have prefabs- premade empty structures like entire houses or chunks of houses that you then lay out how you want. you're supposed to make your own buildings from scratch with the construction elements or 'blocks'. if you don't want to do that tho, there's tons of blueprints people have shared where they already have, and you can just use their build like a prefab.

    FURNITURE however, yes, there's gonna be a lot of that, just later. right now red's still working on basic functionality and features.

    i would love it if all animals were shy, but to varying degrees. like truly wild animals such as deer, rabbits, and foxes, should flee a good distance as soon as they catch sight of you, but more domestic animals like sheep should just flee a short distance away if you get very close.

    i also think boar and moose should attack if you get too close, THEN flee. a middle ground between purely passive and purely aggressive creatures adds SO much realism, and yet so few games do it.

    and i figure once taming is implemented, it would probably be done with an item, which would either be useable regardless of the animal fleeing (like a lasso) or would prevent them from fleeing at all while you have it out (like treats/bait)

    Many of us have done that too. I personal hope that we can blueprint our hard terrain work. ^^

    oh yeah, it would be so cool to be able to save terrain modifications too! i heard we're getting a block that can be sculpted like terrain tho, so that might be used in place of blueprinting actual terrain.

    can some one tell me how to add a photo to this please?

    when you add attachments just select screenshots that you took of your blueprint while in-game. same as attaching the blueprint files themselves.