Rising World's Biomes & Forests

  • Purge (or merge) this thread if you have to, I just wanted to note a simple quick thing how Red51 simply knows how to make forests. Just wanted to praise him, even if it feels like I'm "over-praising". Need to encourage good behaviour :thumbup:


    (In this image I already see an area I would build a hut.)

    Red51 simply knows how to populate these forest biomes. It's the same with the winter forested biome, and Java version, as we're now seeing with Unity version. Props to Red51 here. I'm hoping we get to see swamp biomes, desert biomes, among others treated much better than their Java counter-parts, time willing.

    Just a few more examples to share hoping we get to see these sorts of scenery in Rising World. Not to toot my own horn here, I'm just sharing examples from my pool of images.

    When rivers become a thing I do hope we get to find the occasional islands like these which can be used to connect other bigger islands and continents.

    As for the below image, I hope we get to see more of these sorts of swampy type areas. We've seen them in Java, I hope they're more "pronounced". More common, easier to find, etc. If you look at the inlet leading to a big bulge of swampy vegetation that's what I'm trying to point out. Next to the bike path and the two parkway lanes.

    I came here for some simple thing to praise Red51 on his forest vegetation. Simple as that. While I'm here I'm dropping off 2 extra cents of thought. Two birds with one stone. :nerd:

  • I wanted to properly share how much I admired the old forests. The normal generic forests and the pine forests, those were my two favourite ones. You could tell where Red51 spent most of his time with where the bandits spawned. The overly dense forest requiring you to chop down trees, wade your way through brush, and even through pine trees avoiding boars and bears. I enjoyed the desert, and even some other biomes, the forest attracts the more natural side of the human body.

    As we all are, can't wait to finally settle down in Rising World via both PC and Steam Deck version. The major stuff on PC, the minor stuff on Steam Deck. As noted many times previously, I'll even be favouring/desiring NPC assistance with hopefully custom NPCs aiding me on our journey through the world.

    The only image I can share of the old is the following 'Scathach's Ruins' (F/GO) of her old residency in lore.

    Based in IRL location, sourcing now lost. This rough Ontario + Great Britain type scenery is something I would love to see more with actual rivers, oceans, and proper swampy layouts. Little inlets, etc. All my other images have been lost on other hard drives or in other hosted places.

  • With the mention of the new water and re-hype on boats I wanted to tag a few things from my trip to Vancouver along with it in hopes it finds its way into Rising World to boost the experience and value of it even further.

    The new water from the Trello Page:


    I've always enjoyed the forested areas of the Java version, especially the pine forests. They've always had this detailed charm to them.

    - Lighthouse island, something we're all going to build. I can't wait to even colonize many islands in this size, along with varying other sorts. Java version allowed for this already with its makeshift rough lakes, something which can be expanded on in the Unity version with actual ocean size.

    52239609406_ea42ae7b80_c.jpg20220723_123048 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Ferries are an important part of water travel, connecting one island with another. I hope we obtain a ship transport allowing us to transfer goods from one land mass to the next. Vessels don't have to be the size of the one seen in the image, it can even be a basic barge or even made up. It took Minecraft many years to finally comprehend the necessity and importance of boats with chests on it to transfer goods from one place to another, even before the whole Shulker storage stuff. You're looting something wanting to also bring it back to your base to which it would even overfill the enderchest.

    52237147596_d273139e4f_c.jpg20220723_074712 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    52239957649_38bbc3a955_c.jpg20220724_201800 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - The boats & Ferries don't have to be as large as the Ferry types above, they can be "medium" sized, as such seen in the below image. Better to make note of it now while the "iron is hot", type of thing. It can be basic storage ferry, or we can even go up to carrying train carts, vehicles, among other necessities. Horses, camels, among other stuff.

    52226295431_413cae0691_c.jpg20220718_141532 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Took this while whale watching. I even nearly fell asleep up here from how peaceful it was (lack of sleep). The point of the below image is for navigation. Navigation is important. I hope some of the less manually driven ships have some for of navigational aid applied to them.

    52238631892_f0041eaa8d_c.jpg20220723_130916 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - A beached barge from a nasty winter windstorm land-locking a barge on land. These are fairly useful to haul things around a corner of land, across "short" distances, among other areas. Attach a tug boat to then drag materials to and from various areas. (Should be storage only for materials & liquids).

    52219727519_92122d91b1_c.jpg20220715_202448 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Boat docks. Such a simple sight like this is something I'm eager to see started, even expanded on with boats even being seen from a far. Sail boats, river boats, etc. Whatever boats we get is whatever boats we'll have lining these docks. Having fishing boats, row boats, and all sorts lined up shall make for an interesting experience.

    52237146278_4ef8279f93_c.jpgdji_export_1658547123276 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Float planes - I'm well aware Red51 is hesitant of adding planes into the game for generation loading. Fair. Even so, I wish to see some form of aviation in Rising World focused on the Twin Otter type speed & cargo variant. These planes are on the slow side, are designed for cargo, and are very adaptible to any terrain and conditions. Twin Otter alone could land in a corn field. Basically a decently sized air strip out in the middle of nowhere. My favourite way to get around is by helicopter and certain plane types, such as the Twin Otter. I hope Red51 considers flight beyond the glider.

    52228644831_bee01929ab_c.jpg20220719_191008 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Just an additional image for the above desire for adaptable planes (Seaplanes, airstrip planes; Twin Otter type planes).

    52226778725_99af7a8255_c.jpg20220718_181118 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Just as long as it flies, has storage, and is friendly to use I'll be happy. A proper handling on take off, landing, and in flight.

    52226292396_d04b7091e2_c.jpg20220718_181628 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - The next step to gliding is paragliding. Attach a propeller on your back and have fun flying around. No storage, more for the thrill and scouting. Very tricky in stormy conditions.

    52234991056_8708911fa0_c.jpg20220722_201823 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Helicopters are just as important as planes who land/take-off from airstrips. They get people and small cargo in places. Great for scouting and small cargo transport. Even transporting people in 'PVE' oriented servers. 'SMP' (Survival Multiplayer).

    52232901018_b92cf8c6f2_c.jpg20220721_191649 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Sharing this because old boats have this lost style which you never see in modern era. Rarely so.

    52226784860_96d7a44bce_c.jpg20220718_124000 by SubTrance, on Flickr


    Back to more scenery images:

    - Vancouver airport with an A380 British Airways & Mount Baker in the background. I hope and wish to see these imposing mountains. Wish to see these ice & snow capped mountains in Rising World. Properly.

    52235478725_a21d409114_c.jpg20220722_192837 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - These ice circles from ice spinning is a fun sight to see. Hope to see these in Rising World in some form and variations.

    52233164149_ff7fa232c2_c.jpgScreenshot_20220721-202936_Gallery by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Mount Judge Howey - Three pronged mountain. Nearly had these in Java, hope to see smoother mountains in Rising World. And if Red51 feels brave (or time willing), even allow helicopters to roam through these scenery.

    52232892956_8c41527f0a_c.jpg20220721_192916 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Rough foggy waters. Java version nearly had this with the grassy lake, it could now end up being so much more with an improved biome. (I nearly lost my drone in these conditions with my drone scared to land in the fog).

    52239641653_15782e99e7_c.jpg20220724_112837 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Again, we were fairly close to this in the Java version:

    52238654187_ba3cdbb90f_c.jpg20220724_113219 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Mount Baker (as seen in the Vancouver Airport image):

    52251439156_4111548538_c.jpg20220728_190139 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Merrit City area (up to Kamloop's exterior). A certain part of British Columbia had light green grass to the point it almost appeared "magical". I tried capturing it on camera, it doesn't do it justice. If Red51 ever feels the need to variations simply add mini cactus & light green (almost neon) grass.

    52260075212_0fee13bb28_c.jpg20220730_150023 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Focus is on light green grass and cactus. A Mexican friend brought up it appears like Wyoming in USA.

    52261062893_f764ac8821_c.jpg20220730_150450 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Roadways. Something we've done in Java, something we'll do more of in Unity version. Rising World has this power.

    52238696942_faa4d9936d_c.jpgdji_export_1658702687254 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Foot bridge. What Java version lacks is what Unity version could potentially add when allowing for rivers, streams, and other forms of scenic water to occur on land. Allow for Danube River type boat traffic would be neat also. People have also built these sort of bridges in their own worlds.

    52261531160_0648fbc380_c.jpg20220730_121543 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Birds - Shall be nice to eventually see them instead of hearing them. Even being able to see them interact with your items would be interesting, as such as sitting on boats, lamp posts, etc. If you have food in your hand they should attempt to steal it.

    52236164952_f4f7b1ec97_c.jpg20220723_070633 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Bears - Even though certain types can actually be aggressive, I do hope for certain types to be more passive until further provoked. The longer you stay in an area the worse your situation becomes. Bears should study you, warn you (stand up), THEN attack you. Meat should play a role by attracting bears. Having exposed meat should be a factor in a bear's curiousity towards you, or a given area. If you throw meat or fish at a bear it "should" leave you alone.

    52239616373_cc41094caa_c.jpg20220723_155026 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - For when river biomes improve I'm hoping to see various river types, including these stony types.

    52239919529_c7b15f87f3_c.jpg20220724_091826 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    I have tons more images which made me think of Rising World and vice-versa to my trip in B.C, Canada. There is a LOT of things I'm seeking, desiring, and even anticipating for Rising World. Can't wait.

  • Well, I'm admiring what we're seeing in the Unity version. Looking much better (more polished) than the Java version.


    - Underwater Sealife (plants)

    - Volcanic Biome:

    - Desert Biome:

    - Crafting Stations:

    - Underground Ores:

    - Cave (ice):

    - Cave (Hell):

    We have some very nice biomes to look forward to. I'm impressed, especially with the ice cave. The volcanic biome reminds me of the Lego World game, Rising World having a nicer realistic touch to it. The hell cave is interesting as well, too lit. Too hot.

    Crafting stations & ores making their return. Nice stuff. Shall be nice seeing them, with boats, making our way around the world. I'm hoping the worlds are actually oddly shaped as to be unpredictable. Every discovery being a mystery.

    I'm figuring I'd be lingering more in the underwater, volcanic, and ice-cave biome area. I hope you can actually build in the ice cave without anything melting. Underground igloo type deal. 8) I was confused as to why the Ice biome was the way it was, it's ice. I assumed it was something else making wonder why it was so "trippy". I'm too tired, my neck hurts....... I'm more oblivious to things as time goes on. I'm however happy I can soon colonize Rising World's biomes.

    This is a very nice update for the foundation of the Unity version, sets high expectations for future releases.

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