Musical Hype (For WaveShapr, & I guess Everybody else)

  • Hey Waveshapr, if you're still around this one is for you. If not, I hope this is forwarded to you and that you find it interesting. If it isn't your "cup of tea" then I do apologize, though desire to share this with you as a person who enjoys making music. You made music and soundeffects for Rising World, and I respect that. Sorry you always have to see me slip and snap, but let's just speak about music, if that's what you do.

    Marco Meatball (an Opera singer) desires to spread the Holy word of video game music, and I agree. I've done similar.

    "Video game music isn't just beeps and boops!" - Marco

    I love the way music speaks to you. It's almost universal, and it gives you various vibes and feelings. It's also thanks to Marco I'm able to make out specific notes and patterns more clearly now, and how they're supposed to connect with one another. I've had to deal with my fair share of arrogant people claiming "they know better", yet thankful Marco is able to put things on a more neutral manner.

    I don't play Honkai Star Rail, yet seen all the hype related to Kafka. I do enjoy her character, and I do see Scathach (from Fate/Grand Order) in her. Too many games desiring to be 500 GBs. I only desire to play games that are of easy access. I had to drop Genshin Impact for how bloated it became.

    I love how Project Wingman video has the Avro Arrow in it. I'm happy Marco even notes the 80's 90's musical themes to it. A homage. I even hear a bit of Gundam Unicorn music when in combat. I feel it even pays strong homage/tribute to all the Anime soundtracks, as noted by my Gundam comment. I hear a lot of Gundam related music.

    (Waveshapr, you can stop here if you have desired to read and view the videos, or you can keep reading for further deeper thoughts. It's up to you. It's all deeper thoughts, and things I've been saying over and over. I'm not trying to offend, I simply mean the best. Everything is loose and fast; Rough draft so I do apologize for errors, etc. I simply wanted to share Marco with you seeing as how you both are into sound and music, that's all.)


    I genuinely enjoy video game music both in an atmospheric and gaming manner, but also in a more deep manner. I love reading into the music in a more scientific emotional manner. I may not be as versed as everybody else, I however can feel it. I can feel styles, and also thanks to what others have noted, what Marco has noted, and what I've come to experience throughout the years from Anime, etc. Music is deep, and I love it.

    Maybe Waveshapr, you're more into simplistic musical tones, or maybe you're as well versed as Marco. Maybe budget is holding you back, or maybe it isn't. I don't know, I never asked, nor found out. I genuinely enjoy all the sound and musical beauties in Rising World (the delay in dynamite blasts the further away you are), and the various musical beauties. I sadly had them muted to focus more on Rising World while blasting my own music, but that shall change later. Hopefully. I hope Red51 and Waveshapr finally agree on the proper time to finally release the Rising World soundtrack, maybe even updating it for the world to enjoy. Don't be afraid of going outside of your comfort zone, maybe you'll make something cool as well.

    I wish I can casually converse with intellectual people without people, though sadly everything is more of instinct. I can only converse with people in regards to instinct, emotions, and feelings. I know how things are supposed to be, yet it's simply difficult to put into words. Ironically, when I attempt to converse with people it stupidly devolves into becoming political with other people sadly becoming themselves spewing media nonsense with the mannerisms they've picked up from the media. I call it out making it easy for others to pin it back on me. It's ironic. It's how people talk and carry themselves which makes it easy to place their sins back onto me, yet I genuinely admire the more philosophical styles. I wish I could converse with people in more down-to-earth manner, or how Marco is happily expressing his opinions (as I am) with an audience to admire the beauty in this world. I wish we could naturally (not fake; butt-kissing) respect and admire what's around us. If you don't want to converse back, that's fine. This is an awkward thread, and an awkward paragraph, and rantings, and ramblings. I'm simply as hyped as Marco is, and simply happy I still have a Japanese media avenue to keep me happy in this overly negative world.

    I honestly have to laugh though when people say something is allegedly "boring". That's in regards to Anime or Japanese games, or anything highly philosophical, or other medias and genres. Maybe even to Rising World as well via negative reviews. It simply shows people are simple-minded. I'm not trying to be "high and mighty", nor a "white knight", that's how people view things in simplicities. It's how people perceive music, or simply admire mainstream music. It makes me laugh when an story is highly intellectual causing other people to easily dismiss art because they can't grasp it, nor intellectual view it on its higher level. People always seek to admire something lower to themselves so I always remind them to push their boundaries. Reach higher, seek further. View something you haven't seen before. Broaden your horizons. Become familiar with what you fear, as I had done with my fear of heights. I went up into Japanese towers, even if I'm afraid of heights. I'm trying to become more resistant to spiders. I fear spiders. I tried learning Godot code, even if I'm overwhelmed and can't retain a new language. It's way over my head. I've even made music via Fruityloops (it's on soundcloud). I'm trying new things, yet people always make excuses not to do something. People viewing this thread should also do something outside of their comfort zone. They should always be pushing themselves, as traditional-minded Europeans and Japanese have done. I simply mean well. I grew up with traditional Europeans always striving for the best, always studying, being bookworms, and always aiming for the top. I then I encounter people always dragging their feet, it's a horrible culture shock. I look at Japanese & traditional Europeans studying like mad, then I see lazy Westerners and modern Europeans being lazy. I see other Western game developers always making excuses as to not add something. They make walls of text noting they can't do something, then they later implement it after heavy pressure. It's no wonder Asian games are outperforming, and why we have special music. The Europeans I've been exposed to were always seeking greatness, and knew more than North Americans. They've always sought out intellectual avenues to be as intelligence as possible, also for their workplace passions, etc. I'm not knocking on anybody, it's what I'm used to. I'm used to Europeans being superior to North Americans ,though that doesn't appear to be the case. I'm not lumping Rising World here, it's just a general POV. All I'm saying is the world is falling apart. Creativity is being intentionally stunted. Everything is offensive, and racist, etc in all the fake manners. I'm still thankful we still have creative avenues. (I guess I'm saying this in general for other people to read as well.)

    I respect Rising World, Red51, and Waveshapr for all they've done to push this game forward. Sure, I've been over-reacting, I however admire the honesty (for the most part) in this developer team. I respect the open-ears for adding QoL suggestions, implementing highly requested features, etc. With the degrading nature in the Western world it makes me happy to see some creative light in Europe, and mostly in Japan. Sadly, it's all being intentionally weeded out for fake propaganda so we may no longer enjoy our musical beauties, our artistic games, etc. I wish I was joking, or lying, or wrong.

    All I know is that everything is falsely my fault, and everything I've done wrong is my fault. You always have people always desiring to destroy everything, whether they themselves realize it or not. Never other people. Other people are always right, to which I simply brush them off and go back to my Anime and last forms of escapism. I always admire the complexities of my escapism.

    Blue Archive's music hits hard.

    Music also becomes highly nostalgic and imprinted into your soul. It becomes your way of life. It makes you happy, sad, and everything in between.

    If Rising World isn't held back I can't wait to see and hear more of Rising World's sounds and musical side of things. I hope we can still stay on good terms, even if I tend to lose myself in moments (to Red51 & team). I always view things as philosophically, even to a fault... As you folks noted. I mean well. Musical escapism. :monocle:

    As a bonus:

    (Not video game music, though peaceful genre you can find in video games. It's peaceful, it's soothing, and it's the cause for me hyping up the philosophical side of the world. )

    DJ Okawari - Transparent

    You can also find DJ Okawari having made music for Arknights. The power of music is genuinely powerful. I love it! Treat it well! :)

    [Note: I'm probably going to have to come back and edit this after work. I rambled too much probably needing to come back and edit this. I'm simply hyped on music, is all. High on music.:dizzy:]

  • Another good one is Frostnova's themes in Arknights. I don't play it anymore, but I do admire the anime.

    Frost Nova is a sad one. Poor gal.

    The power of music (when done right) is awesome. I've seen Americans pretending to grasp music with "Concerts to save the world", it doens't work that way. You have to be more genuine. But then there is Hololive doing fun stuff.

    Or you make your own music to have it end up in a game in a similar style.

    I'm admiring the way Japan (and now China) recruits artists. You make your creations then you get hired from it.

    Granted, not everything is always sunshine and rainbows. When it works, it works. It's like winning the lottery, and you can get some overly magical stuff coming out. With Suisei the industry sidelined her for a long while nearly causing her to finally quit. She finally found a break (with the help of her community) to make her one of the best Hololive members simply because she kept pushing.

    Being rewarded constantly reaching higher and farther simply from effort and skill, and then those who eventually recognize all the good traits you have. 8)

    The industry can be overly self-destructive at times, even modding communities.

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