Differences between region Default, Arid, Cold, Ocean on existing world.

A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)
  • On updating webmap for Medieval Realm server i research/explored some sector to see their region.

    If for region type Arid, Cold things are clear, i am not sure about region Ocean. This type of regions is very similar with region Default. What are differences between these two?

    Legacy sectors (generated before cave update) have region of type Default. So my guess is region type Ocean is new type of region who replace former Default region? I am not sure how to interpret differences between these regions.


  • Originally the idea was to just have very small islands in the "ocean region" (so it's mainly just water)... but it turned out that finding other islands was a bit too difficult then (basically this was still before the biomes update), so we made the islands a bit larger. It still spawns less and smaller islands than the other regions though, but at first glance, you won't necessarily notice a big difference between ocean and default regions ^^ This may, however, change in the future^^

  • I see. So mainly we have so far :

    - Default - Big islands - temperate climate

    - Ocean - Some less big islands - temperate climate

    - Dry - Big islands - Arid climate

    - Snow - Big islands - Cold climate

    Thx for clarification.

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