2015 purchase not working

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    I purchased Rising-World back in 2015, and still have the invoice. However, neither my username or email are recognized. Is there a way to restore the access to download the game?

  • Hi, a few years ago, we've changed the way how authentication works in the game (it now requires a serial number instead of username + password) and we've also merged the forum and website account. If you didn't had a forum account, you can just create a new one. There is an option where you can link your forum account with your old website account - this way you can get a serial for the game (and also access to the new launcher for both the Java version and the new version) :)

    This topic contains more information about that: Important notice for Standalone users

    If that doesn't work for some reason, please let me know.

  • I forgot to follow up, and let you know it all worked! I really appreciate the help and look forward to trying out RW with the last 9 years of updates and work.

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