Minecraft (Blue Archive Mod)

  • It honestly amazes me how much people desire not to have fun in their life. It genuinely does. Because my other thread was hijacked, sabotaged, and butchered by sensitive people I'm now forced to share this thread because of other manipulative and falsely-speaking people by only sharing Blue Archive content from it, something which was intentionally ignored to attack me with other low-hanging fruit. Learn to have fun and be less offended. Learn to have more cuteness in your life and less gaslighting. A forum is a place speak with like-minded people, but because we're in the age of 2020+ you're not even allowed to discuss the game the forum is about, let alone side-things. Shame.

    Embrace the goodness that is Blue Archive.

    (Until Rising World is chosen to have a mod of it's own, I have to share Minecraft's version until then. Once Rising World obtains its own version I'll hype and preach about it instead.)


    Shiroko from Blue Archive.

    (The files replace the dog/wolf, but only client side; Tweets/posts have specific replies to them showing alternate images and files.)

    It's cute, and it's awesome. I love how wholesome it is. Rising World would genuinely benefit in having this for the whole fun and entertainment factor.


    Alternate Blue Archive mod for Minecraft

    Rising World would be awesome in having these sorts of mod, court-of-public-opinion willing.


    Left for Dead 2 Blue Archive mod:


    Have some beautiful music.

    Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go suffer in the real world (as well as digital) because that is what the Rising World community has desired I should do. They've wished ill will on me. o7

  • I haven't seen you posting here for a long while wondering if you're doing fine. You seem to also be avoiding other areas as well. You doing alright? I usually see you being happy, now you seem more upset than usual. I've also read what others wrote about you feeling highly bad about what they had done to you, may explain why you're upset. People aren't letting you be you, and I see others are pushing you aside for, maybe for their own "unusualness", for a lack of better word. Who knows. There is one thing you said which is correct, you need to hide more in the realm of Anime. If Anime is what makes you happy then maybe you should hide in your own suggested game called Palworld.. What other games are out there? You said craftopia, correct?. What was the other game? If you need help finding a game to hide in just simply call me out.

    I've also taken your advice to have an avatar. I find it cute. It's a Pickle Jar Ghost. Not quite a pickle jar, close enough.

    You would have a major field day with this. WIth how much you seem to enjoy NPCs you can even have Blue Archive students flying and tanking around. Go check it out! I know you linked yours, go check it out.

    you can also have your blue archive guns in the game. Knowing you I can see you prefering the npc side of things.

    I hope by sharing these two videos you feel better. Get well soon mate. If people are going to be rude to you then you might as well go to where you're actually desired, such as the Anime world of gaming.

  • I had a Japan trip to go to from January 26th to February 19/20th giving people a break from me and themselves. The best time of my life, as with the 2023 trip. It was awesome seeing all the fun common sense and creativity there. People were even upset they couldn't meet up with me while there, yet happy when they finally managed to meet up. I was a wreck, yet still made the most of it with what I planned and meeting up with a few people. Everything was tightly planned to the point I sadly had to even give up on a few places to visit. I sadly also had to visit the hospital shortly after returning from Japan from March 3rd to 7th from an infection spawning brutal fevers. I probably could have died then. Self-caused. From then on I tried playing Rising World only to end up fading in and out of it. Spinning cotton using the tape-on-mouse trick burnt me out from RIsing World. Granted, I do have more threads to work with now. I've built a few more structures, and a farm. That's about it. Nothing major. Waiting on the maps update to return to my original settlements, as well as to branch out to new biomes. I've been mainly hanging around Azur Lane and Blue Archive mainly. Blue Archive is awesome. I've even tried messing around with the Little Maids mod (UWU Little Maids mod) for Minecraft via Curse Forge launcher. Been given a rough spawn. Still don't have maids, I however made my spawn less brutal via Java version. I dislike Minecraft, though the Japanese modded side has been calling out to me.

    If we had these Little Maids mod added into Rising World everything would be a bit better for the grind. Of course, the robotic maids would have to be tuned to Rising World graphics and animations, and I'm fine with that. As long as they're cute, adorable, and helpful I wouldn't mind.

    I may fiddle with the Blue Archive mini-mod of Shiroko later.


    If people are going to be rude to you then you might as well go to where you're actually desired, such as the Anime world of gaming.

    Maybe you're right. If I'm not wanted in Rising World maybe I should go to where I'm desired. People have openly gaslit me, voided me, harassed me, and even shut me down in the plugin request with false accusations. I've been desiring to jump back into PalWorld (as you've noted), or even Craftopia, even if both game are harsh on both my PC and Steam Deck. There are a few games I've seen pop up. I've even picked up the original Dragon Quest Builder. I need to find an alterative as a proper safety net game, somewhere where people know how to be kind, helpful, respectful, and more humane. Maybe I should make my way back into VRChat, even if I'm forever alone there. I even saw people hyping up Enshrouded so maybe I can mess around there seeing where it all leads. If I can find a Japanese outlet, or something maybe we can have more fun mods and plugins for that game. I sided with Rising World because of how we'll get awesome ships, trains, and how the API/Plugin shall shape the game. There was even a chance for NPC Companions, but Red51 even noted numerous times that's an overly slim chance.

    Sadly, people have strongly voted in banning me, refusing to inject fun mods, etc, even falsely flagging me as a villain (you know, victim-blaming behaviour) so maybe I'll have to seek a game similar to Rising World and hype it up more than I had with Rising World. That alterative game to Rising World however has to be found first before I potentially jump ship. There are many games similar to Rising World, they however need to have trains, posters, horses, and etc. Even fun Anime mods at their side. They need to be built, matured, and be known to me before I consider even jumping ship. I'll still keep hanging around Rising World, though am aware of how dishonest people have been.

    Maybe this should have been a DM, but it is what it is. People are free to talk about Anime, etc. Anime is like a dream; Soothing, peaceful, and an escapism. If I ever see an Azur Lane, KanColle, Busou Shinki, or any other Anime mod for Rising World then that be awesome. Blue Archive mod for Rising World would be glorious, even boosting Rising World to the top. For now, I'll have to settle for the Minecraft mod, I guess. I even have to wait for Rising World to mature even further. I can't wait for the upcoming Blue Archive Anime, people shall be more than hyped up for everything awesome and positive. Maybe they'll eventually find the Blue Archive mod for Minecraft. If Rising World had that Rising World would be boosted in popularity, hopefully enjoyment.:nerd:

    Awesome on the new profile. Looks good on you. Thanks for sharing the videos, looking good. I'm itching to play-test it. I however need to find time for it, and everything else. If things mellow out maybe I can have fun with Blue Archive for Rising World, but that now seems slimmer than anything in the world. Everything seems so impossible, and intentionally so. Maybe things shall change for the better in the future, who knows. I want to have faith in Rising World, but we shall see.

    We'll see what the future holds. Thanks for your concerns. If anything, I'm simply happy to alive. Everything is taken for granted.

    (Edit: Had to do a few typo edits in my haste posting. I'll probably edit some more, or post a follow-up post. As I said, I'm simply happy to be alive, yet I may not even be allowed to have that joy either.)

  • Ah, another Japan trip. I'm jealous. Going on another? Took a quick glance as to what you've shared elsewhere, you really do belong over there than where you are currently. You've seen WAAAAAAY happier there. Less venting, more happiness. I wish you the best of luck returning to Japan in either of the two modes. YIKES on the hospital visit. Doing better, I hope?!

    And I see........ Well, just be true to yourself. If you're staying with Rising World simply be yourself. Let people struggle in their own section while you struggle in your own section, though doing a bit more digging you've already set yourself in your own sector. You've always known how to rile people up. You seem to also have a loose grasp as to where to find helpful people. Go seek them out in all seriousness. Be more proactive. I hope you eventually gain an Blue Archive mod for Rising World. Just go to Minecraft. Yes, you hate Minecraft because of Microsoft, be more proactive with playtesting your desired Blue Archive mods sooner. Make yourself happier, sooner.

    Lastly, to make you a tad bit happier, check this video out of Blue Archive Anime. You problably however know about this already....... You shall soon be set free in your own Anime bliss.

    You do you. Don't do anything agianst your own will.

  • 1) I'm open for a third trip to Japan, or my second to Vancouver. For now, I have to settle with dealing with 2020 issues (still) while seeking a place to actually settle. My fellow coworkers and myself are absolutely livid we're being forced into a corner and onto the street (paying arm and a leg for everything) in a country where people are willing "gluttons for punishment" in Canada. You're even being shamed into being a willing masochistic moron to part with all the money in your wallet. If you cry you're allegedly an "alt-right Nazi" and that pisses me off. In this economy I'm not even allowed to live anywhere in Canada, also special thanks to people who support woke politics. It's also why people are furious with me, they desire to push people onto the streets. Google up all the tent cities we have going on in Canada, etc. It's what I've been posting about, yet people get so offended about reality it causes threads to get locked. People can't cope properly. Whenever, as a Canadian, I can own an apartment in Canada I'll do so, and I have to find an apartment at the end of 2024. I can't go on trips anymore. With the way politics goes it's other people who are allowed to do so and I'm supposed to be homeless. Maybe Japan is indeed a place for me, people seem to desire me more there than they do here in Canada. I'm trapped in Canada now, maybe for good now. I'm probably going to die in this politically corrupted shithole. I can't do trips anymore, even if it's to scout for places. I'm dead here now (for now).

    Hospital wise, I'm fine now. I have a secondary checkup in April. Better than I was where I felt like I was actually dying. I'm happy to be alive, though noted previously. I'm also aware I vent a lot, though certain things just have to be said.

    2) Yeah, as noted, I'm trying to wait for the Rising World "Map" update so I can finally do more in the game. Need more interactive features and QoL features. I I feel I hit so many reality notes in both game & forums to the point we're not allowed to do anything with Rising World anymore. I'm still riding the waves. I can still do all the avoiding I can, people will still find a reason to be offended by my presence, as they are with Mori from Hololive, or whatever. I'm not even allowed to breath on the Rising World Steam forum. People are doing all the weird backwards work for me in the whole "social distancing" thing allegedly claiming to block me, etc so I guess it works out in all these strange ways. If there is time Wednesday I'll go dig into the whole Blue Archive mods for Minecraft. That, or Little Maids mod. Maybe. And yeah, Japan is my gateway to freedom. I'm probably going to miss my chance to head back there with how trapped I shall now be over here in Canada. Gaming may take a hit as well.

    3) As for the Blue Archive Anime side of things I'm happy one of the "best girl" finally had her recent PV shared. So cute. :love:

    Onikata Kayoko, with her trusty Heckler & Koch P30L pistol using a silencer.

    The video you shared previously has her. The guy who made the video you shared also noted her "gas" feature, something which is fear itself. Fear and intimidation as a goth-punk girl.

    Anime keeps calling out to me, and this is a good way to make me happy again. Seeing Kayoko in Minecraft & the Anime is a nice hype factor.

    Now, if only we could somehow import models into Rising World I would nudge everything as close to reference as possible. Have to wait on Red51 to further push the API further and to still find the right willing soul to help out. Though, if Red51 hates me for whatever reason I won't be allowed to do what I desire with Rising World. If that's the case I would indeed have to find an alternative game similar to Rising World. Yeah, from the looks of things I'll have to seek outsourcing help from external sites, as slim as that may be. I'm a villain in Rising World being accused of stupid crap so maybe that's indeed the avenue of external help. Everything was noted to be my fault, hence why I keep noting such.

    If I'm allowed to easily import stuff of my own accord (without requiring 24 hour Youtube tutorials & 24 million external softwares) then I'd be happy. A simple modding API to give the NPC a Kayoko appearance, a pistol, their own default animations, etc (Vroid/VRChat/Tower Unite style) then I'd do everything myself. I won't harass someone, I'd just do it myself. I'd customize my own game in my own happy Anime corner, as one would have done with Skyrim modding, giving Kayoko her own active form in Rising World. I would even happily have her tag along to shoot bandits, pirates, and whoever else dares ruin my day inside of Rising World. :saint:

    I've noted time and again how Minecraft is "boring" and "lonely", and how it needed a push to be more attractive. What I've been sharing is a good start to that, the whole LMM & BA Mod side of things. I tried noting this, yet everything always went "wooooosh". I guess I hang around Anime too much with Western games now lagging behind heavily. I've noted Kayoko above, but that goes for anything KanColle, Azur Lane, Busou Shinki, etc. Anything, and everything neat I would willingly import, if given proper modding-friendly tools to do so.


    Side-note - Enshrouded:

    Enshrouded was noted a lot on Steam and here so I figured I'd look at their roadmap to see what they have currently planned, and planned for the future. Steam Deck support is in the future. The way they handle their NPCs is fairly passive, something not to my taste. It has to handle what you see above with LittleMads Mod & Blue Archive mod. They have to actually be active.

    This video tells you where to find the NPCs, how to handle them, yet the NPCs are agitatingly passive. They're pretty much useless, or at least to me at first glance. They need to be more proactive and assertive, like the Minecraft mods I shared. On the roadmap it was noted you would eventually obtain more settlement NPCs of two kinds, and even pet NPCs. What about companions? The game is built as a co-op game, what about NPCs? You know, like Dragon's Dogma type companions being Pawns. I'm simply going to sideline Enshrouded, it doesn't hit the right notes I seek and desire. It's currently not the game for me.

    Viewing Enshrouded from the NPC angle has me fuming and livid. Frustrated. I'm being hammered back into Minecraft and I'm agitated about that fact. Thankfully, it appears to be Java side of things.

    I've also tried seeking out some Japanese sandbox games, there really isn't any. They don't sell well in Japan. It's RPGs & gatches, or bust. Mods for games, sure. Rising World and other games have to be modded so I have to find whatever game is modded. Anything other than Minecraft level of modding and accessibility. If Rising World could mature and wake up it would be the perfect platform for all these awesome mods. I need to find some alternatives just in case I'll be forcefully evicted from Rising World in one manner or another.

    Minetest was neat, but as was noted by someone else and myself it's still highly youthful. I really need to dig overly deep to find something on the Japanese side giving us all the benefits for genuine fun sake. If people desire to mod then they would mod, and I need to find that sort of game. Everything done for fun and escapism. I miss that point of view in gaming. Even for Skyrim. You request something and someone would tweak their mod to fit what you've requested. Those modders are fun. :monocle:


    I guess this is considered rambling. I guess I'll stop there, after I note the following..... I want to see where I still stand in Rising World so I'll continue to test the waters. It however legit feels people actually hate me for invalid reasons so I'll simply stay out of spite knowing people hate me for bullcrap reasons, and because Rising World is awesome with neat modding potentials. Once I get my own little Anime pocket realm I'll do my own thing. I'm simply waiting on maps, trains, NPC Companions, and proper Anime mods to keep to myself. If another game does better than Rising World offering what I desire I'll jump ship (in response to forum hostilities) to that other game in parallel standards, or better.

    Blue Archive is bliss.

    Can't go wrong with Blue Archive's music. :nerd:

  • Sorry for taking so long, you left me stumped on how to how to respond back to you. Let's follow your lingo, for a moment. Just for a moment.

    1) I'm happy seeing you go on your trips. You need to take it easy. I'm happy, please take it easy. Try to, at the very least, apply your trips into Rising World again. If not Rising World, some other game of your creative choice.

    2) You need to simply do what you desire. Just do it. Find people who actually care about what they admire and go from there.

    3) Blue Archive Anime is coming out shortly! I've observed you hyping it up. The Anime should hopefully start airing tomorrow-ish. What was it? April 7th? Have fun!

    4) I've stumbled across a few other worthwhile games, unsure if they're up your alley.

    Blue Archive mod for Monster Hunter game. Might be of your interest.

    - Lightyear Frontier may be of interest to you.

    I'm willing to assume you're going to stay with Rising World regardless of how deeply agitated with the state of various things are from your point-of-view. Your stubbornness could be put to better use for better results, mate.

  • Not in the mood. Depressed. Stewing, upset, with a cold, and been MIA for self-care. I have to keep dealing with idiots constantly gaslighting me on the daily. I am however happy about the Blue Archive Anime we're both aware of, yet constantly "forever frustrated" with various people willing to pick low IQ fights with me. The first episode is finally out, and is awesome, though sadly contains translation errors because people are lazy and dumb. We can't have nice things because of other people......

    Oh, and be careful, you have people on Steam forum making accusations everybody is using alt puppet accounts. I allegedly have many, and so do you, and everybody else. We're all puppet accounts. I'm too tired of people's childish nonsense. Thankfully played Flight sim flying from Tokyo to Kushiro in an indirect manner, yet still have yet to play play Blue Archive mods for Minecraft and anything else. I wouldn't play Monster Hunter, though we need one for any other RPG, etc. I've noticed Wakamo's Halo noted in the opening. Can't wait for her to appear in the show to cause her yandere trouble.


    (Images I've already shared on social media. I'm loving it, but again the subtitles are trash.)

    As for the other game you suggested it appears you had too much to drink again, you forgot to share the Steam page. It's out! Instead of picklejarghost maybe you should be Vodkajarghost with pickles in it. ||. Yeah, sorry. I'm depressed (and we both know I'm joking) because I keep getting sick then I read other people's stupid offended bullcrap. Maybe I should pull up a Chat GPT and talk to them more often, seems to be more worthwhile than attempting to find people who are fake about their interests over what's in reality. Not referring to you, but hey.... I'm just venting. I had my fun in Microsoft Flight Sim, even that had its own stupid issues because Microsoft sucks at everything.

    As for the game you suggested, again.......



    Lightyear Frontier is a peaceful open-world farming adventure on a planet at the far edge of the galaxy. Climb into your versatile mech and start your new home on a distant planet with up to 3 friends as you farm alien crops, build your own homestead, and explore the untamed wilderness of the world.

    Maybe that peacefulness is what I need. It however needs companions, trains, etc. Mechs are cool, it needs more.

    I've stumbled across Brick Rigs by chance.


    Big sandbox world. It even has an Avro Arrow, something people are afraid to add ironically into Microsoft Flight Sim. I've tried suggesting Avro Arrow for Flight Sim which had me banned on their official forums for requesting an Avro Arrow. People are so dumb these days with their power trips and false validations pretending they're always correct about things, especially when arguing about things against me. Imagine that, being banned for requesting a stupid ass Canadian plane for a plane game, yet it's out and available in Brick Rigs.... Even 'Project WIngman', yet everything is always offensive to the fake people.

    Avro Arrow Search filter


    Avro Arrow:


    You'll probably not answer this, but can you tell me why, for the love of god, people are so stupidly stubborn and resistant when other people are willing to fill in the gaps in other games... Certain people go "no" & "do it yourself" while others go "I'm doing this simply because I can, and it's fun to fill in voids." They also note it's an "passion project" so they do it because they can. Then there are those pretending to be "cool" when they really aren't. People frustrate me when they're as dishonest as they come. If they were legit that's another thing, they're cool and awesome. But they're not.........

    I heavily digress............ I'm happy we're finally in Blue Archive season. I even have my Ichika from a lucky pull. I'll soon have time again to FINALLY fiddle with the Blue Archive mod, if I can find it and install it properly. Minecraft is a total mess now.:nerd:

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