Woot! Success with the new halloween patch!

  • I found my first set of pumpkins!
    I was able to find a pair not far from my choosen base camp, then after about 5 minutes of travel through forest and hills to another grassy plains area I was able to find a second pair of pumpkins.
    Also the new scythe is working well! I am ready to prepare the land for some agriculture, and paving some paths and roads. I just need a shrubbery!(key dramatic music here)

    My pumpkin find was on my second sorte out, the first one ended with a slip between

    Oh boy so much fun to be had...

  • First of all, it's a nice story! :D It's good to hear that you had some fun and found some pumpkins, we were not sure if the spawnrate is too high or too low.

    Falling into the ground seemed to be the dramaturgical climax, even though it's not that good when it happens. Perhaps you can tell us how it happened exactly? ^^

  • As for falling through the world, it is the most common way to die actually for me. Usually while in tight spaces odd shaped holes, but this time I was just running through the forest and fell through at one of the minor elevation changes, I believe a stepping down elevation. I do not think i could find the exact place again.

    It happened once on this release, as i used the goto #spawn command, and fell through just as it finished loading the surroundings, but was able to quickly up arrow and do it again to prevent death since I had the console open still.

  • Ok thanks for the information! This issue often happens when there are tight spaces, mostly in caves. When you try to push the player against it, he sometimes falls through the floor. In those cases it's helpful when pressing F2 fast enough, this enables flying and you can return to the surface safely (I know, it's not a real solution, but a workaround) ;)

    Using the command goto #spawn may also often cause to fall through the ground. The player gets unfreezed too early before the collisions are not fully loaded. We do something against it.

    Falling through the ground just while walking on the surface should not happen, I hoped it was already fixed. Darn! ||

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