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    I still love the extended construction system. But I am finding that I need some more durable components in my builds.

    So lets have the ability to make bricks/tiles with an EC object that have any stone/concrete textures, size ranges from 1 full block down to 1/10 of a block in each direction.
    Allows you to build brick foundations or facades, tile a floor, do mosaics, fireplace mantel, stone paths, or sign/torch post bases.
    So many possibilities...


    Long ago I posted some videos on Youtube, and I have decided that a final update needed to be posted.
    This is the final update due to the terrain generation changes from Biomes Update, and i will be starting over in a new world because of it.

    I still think Racoons/Gremlins are a really good idea. if you don't lock your doors one may wondering and mess with your stuff.

    @red51 So how about instead of tons of little patches of ore like polka-dots in the ground, how about some actual ore veins that are long, sinuous, and branching that you spend time actually chasing through the rock to extract.
    I am not saying get rid of all the small patches, as they are good for short term boons, but the further down you mine the more likely you will find veins and the larger veins are, and the more likely a good mining operation with elevators and the full gambit will be worth the effort.
    I would think something similar to the tunnel generator but an factor for size and complexity ties to depth(height).

    Another thing with veins you could have different type of hostile mobs spawn near/attracted to different types of ore, and the presence of those mobs can help clue the player that a certain type of vein is near by.
    This can be used to a cause a natural increase in difficulty for more specialized materials need for higher levels in the tech tree, without have the need for special zones/biomes to accomplish the same thing.
    IE Giant Rats like copper or Orcs are near iron veins, so clearing out the mobs rewards you semi safe access to the vein of materials and then provide multiplayer points of interest until the vein is depleted.

    As always great job, looking forward to your next patch.

    I never liked how other sand boxes copped out of full weather cycle.
    Give you a reason to hunt down raccoon dens for their winter stash of food and foraging for some wild potatoes in the snow...
    The seasons just need to be long enough to make a player think a little further ahead than the tip of their sword.

    If you tie everything to a season scale value, you can then turn it over to the players and server admins to determine how long they want them to last.
    Like how long crops take to grow, animals/trees take to become full size could then be a based on that season scale.
    Larger the number, the longer the seasons and the more planning needed to survive the winter.
    I know it is a long way out, but something to keep in mind as you add the pieces that will make that possible.

    Yes, it is known, and only affect upside-down corner ramp blocks. and you can work around it by rotating -90 degree(left) one step when looking up at it.

    The block system on the back end is very complex, from what I have gathered from the Devs. So there are a number of adjustments including fixing this and couple new block shapes that are in the works, but they could not say how long it will take for them to get fully implemented.

    in reality I could turn the torch on place it on the ground,

    Try the garden torch from the light list. you can plant them down most any where and pick them back up. so like temporary torches without holders.

    So do you reckon it's worth laying beams first then removing them when floor is complete.

    No I just build joists and the subfloor supports like a real floor, and leave them.

    7) I am hoping for a stone brick object and boulder/stone object soon will let you do some interesting things with paths and landscaping, plus building details.
    Yes would be good, although i think the rake gives quite a nice effect and could be used quite well to create what looks like a gravel/dirt path

    I was think about a stepping stones path or putting lines of stones along each side of the path. Variety is the spice of life...



    I suppose I'm the only one who would like construction to be a little more realistic in regards to material sizes and crafting them.. cries!

    Sorry, just too many time I need a custom size for a piece, and without the ability to move pieces after placement, to measure and saw them down. It will just prevent the system from being as flexible. So I think the Devs have struck a good balance of to make it not overly tedious and flexible. Some tweaks, like having a couple of generic sizes, maybe in order to adjust quantity to material cost, (especially since the roof of the small well took 12 stacks of board to get mostly right, or 6 stacks of logs) but in general I think this is the right course.

    I forgot that the favorites has been fixed, so yeah that would let you quickly find the same texture again.

    I am glad you found my tutorial useful, and the floor is looking really nice. I have done similar thing in my barn project, so have some idea of the quirks of doing those placements.

    1) Actually @red51, you can have grid on and use manual reposition items at the same time, and they take multiple move actions(depending on grid size) then they jump from snap point to snap point. I also found when both grid and modular-snapping are enabled this leads to grid overriding exact alignment of the snap.

    1b) one quirk with the line dragging of object (and blocks) is that there has to be a solid block/terrain in range of where you are pointing to extend a line. So if you are extending into open space then it will not have an item to track against as it seems to work.

    3) also there is a bug that maybe related in that the grid on objects is one resolution higher than the actual grid and the one displayed on blocks.

    4) I like the ability to resize the boards, but maybe a couple tiers of sizes could be done, as I know building the roof on my well was painfully expensive, even when spawning materials. The current system is really useful for when you are filling spaces of irregular shape.

    7) I am hoping for a stone brick object and boulder/stone object soon will let you do some interesting things with paths and landscaping, plus building details.

    Recording Software)
    I am not a pro at the whole youtube thing, but I have found that Open Broadcasting Software works really well, better than fraps and the other low end options I tried. Plus it is an free Open Source options versus the better more expensive options. Then I use Lightworks for editing, which has a free options and is way more featured then I probably need.

    I still think that this would be a really helpful built-in feature for server admins also. As these mods are not very sexy, so are short lived from my experience.

    Unfortunately there is a known bug that some items get "stuck".
    The Pickaxe is current the most efficient tool for removing all placed objects and blocks.
    in non creative mode it will take two hits to remove it, in creative it is one. Except if you miss in creative you can easily take what is next to it.
    I have about dozen objects in my world suffering from this issue. It is on the Dev's radar, but they have not found a fix for the issue yet.

    Sorry, typing this on my tablet not my computer, hence the typos.

    The world is 1152 blocks tall and the surface takes up only the first 256 and the rest of them are below your feet. So you need to dig down over 400 meters to reach hell.

    Here is an example of the knowledge transfer. Sticking with mining as the theme, and these are mostly convenient labels to illustrate the point.
    Class 1 - Shovels / skill 76/100
    Class 2 - Picks / skill 126/200
    Class 3 - Drills / skill 3/300
    X amount of use would get you 1 skill point plus 1 per lower class level that is at a higher level.
    So next level of shovel would be 77
    And next level of picks would be 127 since picks is higher than shovels
    Drills would gain 3 each time until it reached 78(higher than shovels) then would only gain two point each time until 126(higher than both shovels and picks).
    You could could add as many classes as makes sense for the tech, and balance the different class stacks by how much use to gain a step in each.
    This represents things about mining that you learned from the other tools the you are learning to apply with the new tool. If the person didn't put much effort in learning shovels it would take longer to picks and drills cause you are making up for that missing base knowledge.

    I agree @Geneo, better tool materials would let u mine new resource types and get through the tougher layers to be rewarded with richer deposits of materials and more dangerous hazards.

    I actual think that mining with the pick was too fast, and I have done large builds off stone.
    Mostly for the inverse reason. When quarrying for stone, I found it much easier to mine out stone than cut down trees. Also I felt that I cleared space to quickly when mining.

    I would like to see ming be slower but you get more stone for the effort. I would like to see a boost in wood production more then mining. Maybe a resource gathering difficulty slider should be introduced, as I doubt this is an item that everyone will agree on. This would let the player/server admins decide how they want the game play to be.

    Another thing I would like to see mining get more difficult the further down you go. I do not like the idea of getting your first pick and mining straight to hell.
    Sorry a little off topic but wanted to get the whole thought in one place.

    Oh, on the main topic, I would rather see a combined skill/tech basis like real life. Every tool has a base collection rate/attributes (time per action & amount per action) and use of each class tool gains you skill in that class that improves those rates. Each time you move up a class of technology you reduced back to base collection which probably will be a reduction overall until you get some low to moderate skill in the new class then you can gain the benefits fully. I would probably add some benefit to an course people to not skip tech classes like the rate you learn to use the new the new tech based on how much skill you have in previous classes, there by indicating transference of previously gained knowledge to the new tool. I guess this would more apply to the full development survival than the abandoned/marooned survival mode.
    There are people that enjoy being challenged by resource gathering and seeing what they can accomplish with those they have collected.

    Hey, lots of talks about roofs, so I was playing with some ideas and it inspired me to build a well for my farm.
    The roof has some minor issues due to it mostly hand crafted, but I think it still looks pretty good.
    If I were to do it again I would start with the roof and work down instead of save it for last.

    I do NOT recommend this type of roofing for large structures, as this small roof took 3-4 stacks of Logs to builds and every little piece of wood shown takes a full piece of lumber.

    Looks like you ran into a bug with one of your Lua scripts. Maybe @h0tw1r3 can help you as it looks like it relates to his script.
    Error from log:
    org.luaj.vm2.LuaError: load /home/risingworld/scripts/rising-world-h0tstuff-master/script.lua: org.luaj.vm2.LuaError: /home/risingworld/scripts/rising-world-h0tstuff-master/script.lua:10: syntax error
    at org.luaj.vm2.LuaValue.error(Unknown Source)
    at org.luaj.vm2.Globals.loadfile(Unknown Source)
    at lua.LuaScript.<init>(SourceFile:51)
    at lua.ScriptManager.loadScripts(SourceFile:35)
    at server.Main.c(SourceFile:239)
    at server.Main.simpleInitApp(SourceFile:133)
    at com.jme3.system.NullContext.initInThread(
    Jan 14, 2015 9:12:18 PM server.Main handleError

    Please check your game folder for a crash log and post it.
    If you don't have one, then information like OS, Graphics card, Graphics Driver Version.

    Currently the most common problem is with Intel HD graphics cards and a bug in their drivers that require them to be updated.