Small Suggestion - So many Flowers

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    • Small Suggestion - So many Flowers

      I am not positive but these purple flowers seem to multiply when I am not looking. They are every where.
      So, you should be able to put flowers in the Vase, not sure what else to do with them.

      Any chance you have some different varieties planned for the near future?
      Are we going to be able to replant them when you get agriculture added?

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    • In the future they will mainly serve as decoration. Putting them in a vase for example, as you already expected. Eventually they will also be used to get different dyes, and for alchemy stuff ofc.

      We always wanted to add different varieties, already made some preparations. I hope we get them ready for the next big update.

      And about your last question: Yes, soon they can be replanted, as well as trees/saplings and all other plants/corns :)