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A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hey Everyone,

    I'm looking for help with creating the Rising World Wikia here http://rising-world.wikia.com/wiki/Rising_World_Wikia

    It's a very big project and i'm projecting about 500 pages would be required to get a decent base of the game so far. No experience is necessary, but obviously preferred :P. The Wikia interface is pretty easy to use.
    If you are interested then you can contact me at my Steam ID: u_r7

    Or if you want to do informal helping than that is always welcomed just try to follow the style that is already there. Thanks

  • I admire your ambition but you should probably hold off for the time being. If you look at the main website, there is a wiki link on the top of the page (https://wiki.rising-world.net/). I suspect there will be an official wiki put out at some point by the developers, so your hard work may be in vain. Nonetheless, good on you for working on community improvements!


    I should add this link to another section of the forum where Red51 addresses a question related to wiki.


  • Well i would hold off, except that there has been absolutely no mention of the Wiki since December 6th of 2014. If there is one thing i hate about picking up a new game it is that there is no resource where i can learn about the game. If the Devs want to grow the game there needs to be a place where before people buy the game they look and learn a bit about it.

    But that's my opinion. If the devs came out with the wiki tomorrow on their site that would be perfectly fine, but i am filling a void, because all i want to do is help grow the game in the way i can.

    And personally, i think the Devs shouldn't focus on the wiki, i would much rather them use their time to update that game.

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