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A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!

    "Title says it all. We (Americans) are the only people who spell it "aluminum." Brits, Germans, French, etc. all spell it "aluminium."

    I'm Canadian, so we'll lump this into a North American category rather than just Americans :D

    That's embarrassing. I usually take pride in my spelling/writing abilities but, I'll admit, I did not know that there was an alternative spelling for the word aluminum. I guess I learned something today.

    The title says it all. I hate making a thread to address such a trivial issue but I didn't want to see the error missed for the next update. Aluminum is currently spelled as aluminium in the game. When using console commands, it will be confusing for many.

    As a second suggestion, maybe we could have a sticky thread for minor bugs/spelling errors such as the one I've pointed out, so that we don't need to create a thread to address small issues. It doesn't matter to me, but I feel like I'm cluttering the boards with my threads.


    I'm a bit disappointed to see trains and minecarts in the lead so far. It has been done and Rising World isn't supposed to be another Minecraft.

    I think aircraft and boats would be a novel introduction of transportation into the game.

    There is an issue with the creation of lanterns using iron plates. Creating a single lantern (of any variation) at a time is working fine, however as soon as I increase the number of lanterns to two or more, I get an error saying that my inventory is full. I've confirmed several times with different numbers greater than two, as well as ensuring my inventory was empty or nearly empty, with the same result.

    I admire your ambition but you should probably hold off for the time being. If you look at the main website, there is a wiki link on the top of the page ( I suspect there will be an official wiki put out at some point by the developers, so your hard work may be in vain. Nonetheless, good on you for working on community improvements!


    I should add this link to another section of the forum where Red51 addresses a question related to wiki.


    The first screenshot shows what is sometimes occurring when I utilize sloped blocks. The issue is purely a cosmetic one, as the blocks will always place as intended but I felt it was worth mentioning as Rising World becomes a more polished game.

    The second image I've included is a tweak that would be nice to see. Often times, I find myself defaulting to the maximum number of 64. Rather than have us hold the + button to 64, what if we were able to use the - button to bring it straight back to 64 with one click?

    Lastly, the ability to grab or interact with the environment while flying is limited to the use of tools only, at this time. It may be intentional on the developer's part however if not, it would be nice to be able to use crafting stations, and grab items while flying in creative mode.

    "Improved Shelf" should be "Improvised Shelf"

    The shelving unit is made from boards and bricks, indicating that the combination of the two materials is intended to be an improvised shelving unit. It's a simple fix but I thought I'd point it out.