Modes of Transportation

  • What mode of transportation do you prefer? 59

    1. Horses & Camel (15) 25%
    2. Cars/Vans/trucks (13) 22%
    3. Trains & Minecarts (22) 37%
    4. Boats & maybe submarines (6) 10%
    5. Airship & prop plane (3) 5%
    6. Bikes, Mopeds, Scooters, Motorbikes, (0) 0%

    Something I asked on Steam forums with me curious what kind of mode of transportation you prefer for this kind of game. I guess it's too early also so I shall allow you to change your votes as time goes on. You can change your voting during the development of Rising World, if one remembers to keep viewing it. Doubtful.

    My Steam polling also being rubbish with me rambling on so now using this forum's polling.....

    - Confirmed or implied To be In Game: Horses, camels, trains, hang gliders, & cars.
    - Not confirmed As Main Game's Feature: Submarines, boats (implied yes?), vans, trucks, airships & prop planes. No bikes, motorbikes, mopeds, or scooters either. (Currently up in the air)


    My bias is going straight into trains. Every time I build in these games it's always a train network. It's just easy to get from one point to the next, if you manage to keep the track straight-forward. Minecraft's traincraft spoiled me with this so I'm hoping for more features from these trains. They've been implied in the features page as "above ground" so I'm looking forward to that. All those possibilities for both steam & diesel trains, along with appropriate liquid & solid cargo carts to pull around the map. With third & hunger things shall also be fun to haul supplies around to keep fed in game.

    Edit: If you're thinking of Helicopters then just simply vote the "Airship & prop plane" voting. Feel free to mention if you voted for helicopters saying how you feel about them.

  • I'm a bit disappointed to see trains and minecarts in the lead so far. It has been done and Rising World isn't supposed to be another Minecraft.

    I think aircraft and boats would be a novel introduction of transportation into the game.

  • I don't mind seeing trains & minecarts in the lead. Planes & airships were originally not supposed to be in the game's main design, yet would be neat in the long run as a late-game unlock type of thing. Neither NPC followers being considered with Red preferring to add NPC Traders only, yet me constantly nudging him to crack to add it in the late half of the gaming production. I do agree that Rising World has a great potential and complexity that it could happily welcome both the prop plane side of things & the NPC followers to make it more unique. To stand out from the rest. If anything, I'm overly worried that boats aren't being enjoyed as a thought. Each to their own.

    Also, be very careful with how you use "Another Minecraft" or "A clone of Minecraft" because I've seen people use that as much as they would with meme's in a blind manner. Yes, we do not need another clone, just that I've seen loads of it in the 'Lego Worlds' Steam forums with people's points being automatically voided with false paranoia & etc. This is obviously not Minecraft, and we now know that. Sheath the sword because you'll poke an eye out with that.

    But ya....I wonder how well prop planes (Twin Otter) shall work & behave in a game like this.....It's small, it's multi-purpose, and it can handle land, sea, & snow. You can happily carry people & cargo, as you would in a car & other vehicles. I would love to find a German varient, yet never looked into such. If, and when, we do get prop planes I can happily rebuild my airport hubs in my rebuilt settlements. Same with supplying other places that refuse to build roads & railways. Something to enjoy when passing through oceans & mountains, among other odd terrains. Further away the better vehicles one seek, and I don't want to look into teleporting.

  • I'm big on boats but I don't blame others for not voting that way, we have little experience with the water being anything more than a waste of space in Minecraft. To get people excited about boats and submarines we need to see ocean, river, and swamp biomes that are great places to be with fishing, diving, and unique resources. Plus there needs to be locations to build things and actually play the game, rather than just a huge expanse of nothing out beyond the sea shore, island biomes need to be different from mainland ones and somehow appealing.

  • Same. Just vote what you want to vote for with the mode of transportation that you believe suits you best/you prefer. Hope I'm not skewing the voting in any way with the boating bit.

    Also, I'm tunneling visioning a lot that I thought of prop planes last night while completely forgetting about helicopters. I'd say Twin Otters would suit the prop plane area while a European made helicopter fitting the helicopter bit. Germans had fun inventing, polishing, and such that they should feel proud of such in their own game by adding a German make into their game. Tried searching around with me constantly coming back to the NH90 Helicopter as a 'multi-purpose' (transport of people & light supplies) that this helicopter seems appropriate. If no planes then at the least a helicopter for air assistance and rescues aimed at multiplayer experiences & hauling of light goods. Again, expecting this around the time when the game is considered complete so there's no pushing or rushing. Just that we're 'trying' to help make this game awesome. Trying to properly research proper helicopters & aircraft that would seem appropriate fora game like this, again with Red choosing what he wants in the end. If he wants to have fun in the post-release, or through modding even, we can have all sorts of props & helicopters. Getting to ahead of myself so shall keep it 'short' with the below.

    Helicopter choices (German): NH90 - MBB Bo 105 - MBB/Kawasaki BK 117

    Agreed. I rambled about the oceans & boats - here - with us really needing to see more. If they're a big feature that we should have fun treating them as such by making a shipyard/dry-dock of various kinds to build them with the resources we gain. Loving your input, Winddbourne.

  • Feel free to ignore this. I however need a place to post & I don't want to keep making new threads so I'll treat this post as a bookmark for possible vehicles that could find themselves added in vanilla or modded form. You know, just for the extra fun to insert more variety into the game. I also need a place to put this for when modding is finally implemented for those that may or may not want to add in vehicles. If the links break then at the least you'll know what it's called. Probably a copyright things anyways that it might either have to be unmarked to their maker, or truly 100% a mod addition. Hope they can be used as an inspiration for Red's unique vehicles of his own.


    - Vehicles to consider, or inspire from:
    [These being unique vehicles not seen in the main market.]

    (Blame TV commercials & Rising World's potential for this & the helicopter post. Now going back to lurking.)


    Makes me wonder if they're too 'cheaty' too add into the game with me not knowing how Red originally wanted Rising Worlds to be. I feel that that what I mentioned would be more of a mod addition adding, possibly even simplifying Rising World's digital lifestyle in a year or three's time. Again, it's up to Red & the modders in later months as to what they want to do. I'll keep editing fun vehicles to consider.

  • Though i voted for van cars trucks, i am eagerly awaiting trains as well. i just really want to create a showroom with custom rides in my town when i begin working on it. (When roads and train track are in, i should be ready to go go go! haa!)

  • Cars and vans but I am not ruling out powered mine carts as well which would be an awesome addon.

    Not so much trains over land as this would entail creating railway lines which would use up resources such as iron at a rate far exceeding our ability to find it. In addition, I think the design of tracks would create more than a few headaches for the dev team where speed and other dynamics would be involved in turns etc.

    A powered mine cart with a ride-on engine would be slow and therefore be able to navigate a 45 or 90 degree turn far more easily than a train which makes track designs easier for devs. Also, the tracks won't need to be so long which would not use resources so much. All that would be needed is an inventory system so we can put rocks and other resources in the cart to haul out of the mine.

    The cars needed would be a 4x4 and a regular saloon. One for rough terrain and the other for roads that we've built. A van would also have resources to haul from a mine to the work site and would also have an inventory for storing stuff to haul like blocks and other resources for building.

  • mass quantities of iron are easy to find if u have caverns enabled, yesterday I was digging down by hell and found a massive cavern with 2 big rings of ore, one was iron and the other was tongston. From the iron vein I got 2 chest fulls of ore. If u look around hell for these big caverns u can find these big rings. Also ive been through many caverns and I've got tons of iron ore, the only ores that are hard to find are aluminum, cobalt mitheral and silver.

  • I'm loving where this poll is going. So glad you folks are still voting. Keep it up! As of this posting: Trains (7) - Horses & camels (5) - Cars/vans/trucks (3).


    I can't wait to break in the trains to learn everything about them. Well, from what sagsave said we wont' have issues with ore being balanced to how much rails & etc would be in a given area. As long as they're eventually placed in pure stone sections of the underground then that be helping the yield all that much more. Ozzy (& sagsave) came up with the same amount I would in a chunk in Minecraft & Minecraft's FTB so I'm having faith in actually being able to branch out far enough with the average yield from mining.

    As for the 'aircraft' vote, we can expect hang gliders at first - [these buggers] - so you can have fun. I missed that the first few times around, yet pleased it's in there. I did nudge for prop planes with it being considered, just not something high priority. I do however see airships being a thing if they travel slow while maximizing on storage space. When people say airship I imagine [these] ones, though they may mean [these] types; I prefer the steam-punk fantasy type.

    Boats worries me because that's insanely vague, or not implied in any manner. Only ocean is worded. I'm curious about the trains & cars, yet worried about boats. Worried they'll stay canoes or something small.

    Keep voting!

  • Only 2 more votes eh? I'm sure we can squeeze out a few more so I'm 'bumping' this thread with the thought of trains. I'm just itching to know more about them while wanting to 'break them in' when I finally do play them.

    125 Jahre Schmalspurbahnen im Harz

    [Everything before 9:45ish; Everything after that with the historical trams is awesome. Would be hilarious/nice if Red added them in as eastereggs.]

    I'm going to guess/assume that we just might get this sort of 'little' train for being a short-to-medium range train that pulls passengers & could try and carry cargo. I see images that I can't link of it pulling log carts, liquid storage carts, and some more solid types. I'm having high hopes for this train because you Germans recommended it on YouTube :P. It's a nice well-rounded beauty that I can also approve of it. Hope Red does also, if this is what I'm to expect. Not sure what to expect.

  • At first I would like to see a bicycle... few iron ingots, rubber to make parts (frame, wheels, gearing, etc) and all that combine together when you buy blueprint from a local internet market (ingame). There could be few types of bycicles, mountain bike (max speed 3x walking speed), for all sort of terrains, racing bike (6x walking speed) for asphalt roads...electro bike which needs a electromotor and a battery too... etc, etc...

  • I voted cars/trucks/vans, because of a couple of factors. Cars don't need rails, so, while they're likely to use more straight fuel, simple fact is in the long run I feel like they're a little more economical for a small-scale application. Now, if it's like a giant mining/industrial area and needs to bring materials back to where the actual construction is happening, then yeah, train it all the way! Also, I think for the exploratory aspect of the game, a car is a slightly better choice, because it offers a good balance between range and speed. Have a bunch of fuel in the storage of the car, and tadaaa! Almost as good as a horse, and faster to boot.

  • I cant choose

    I'm surpirised there isn't anything about Bicycles & motorbikes in the poll though

    Trains!!!! I wouldn't like minecarts ( too minecrafty )
    trains offer a huge benefit to mass transport on multiplayer servers
    moving players as passengers between different regions/cities and also transporting resources over a long distance (region/city goods trading)

    The cost of resources to build an infrastructure would be huge, but it's also an awesome realistic challenge within the game. ( and lets face it, a challenge makes a game worth playing )

    on a multiplayer server it would be a real teamwork effort that could make for a nice celebration once the achievement is completed.


    But cars/vans/trucks do offer more personal freedom of long distance travel and resource transportation at a much much lower cost. However this feature would need a lot of diversity in models of vehicles in each category or you'd be bored with it in a month.

    On a multiplayer server I cant help to imagine that the game would turn into a crazy race game instead of a creative "world building" game... Admins would have to be kicking and banning reckless drivers.....

    hmmm actually I'll vote for cars/vans/trucks... on a multiplayer role playing server it would make the game more realistic real quick. it's low cost and very practical in many ways a train cant be

  • Alright, I'll add the option of bikes & motorbikes. Just keep in mind that they aren't confirmed, yet would be an interesting addition to the game. Grand Theft Auto 5 style would be interesting heh. I do hope that those that did vote can change their vote. I tried, yet couldn't. Still on the 'trains' bit because I'm quite fond of them.

    Here's a bike for inspiration - Willkomen bei Biking-World!

    I agree that bikes, motorbikes, and scooters would be worthwhile and neat in this game. Something for some short-range travel that would be necessary when possibly also in a fuel shortage in the game.

    - Bikes & Motorbikes:

    • Standard Bike: Wooden 1800's type, pedals, mountain bike, and sports bike.
    • Moped: A motorized bike that you can fill with gas to go anywhere.
    • Scooter: A little scooter being popular in southern Europe regions in more 'tropical' settings. Also made popular in GTA Vice City & GTA 5.
    • Bikes & Motorbikes: Basically your typical speed bike + those Harley type motorbikes. Could even sneak in dirt bike options here.
    • ATVs: Probably stretching it, or maybe on the list. A 4-wheeler needed when dealing with the harsh world of Rising World in those more 'rural' & wild areas. (Also used to manage apartment buildings in my area)

    This now spawns the question with if we can farm & use sugar canes for fuel. Fuel itself shall be found in deserts while sugar cane can be those renewable types. Google up "Cane Trains" and you'll see what I mean. They're used to power cars in Brazil, as such can be used to run machinery in our world, especially the newly requested motorbikes.

    [Note: Vote on what you feel you may enjoy the most in game. Don't allow Minecrat to blind your POV. Vote as you wish.] Keep on voting! :)

  • I think trains are the most imminent group. For multiplayer it would rock, being able to connect cities/regions so everyone would start cities further apart, just like real life. However, being a pilot, I needed to go with planes!

    "If all the world was apple pie, And all the sea were ink. And all the trees were bread and cheese, What would we have to drink?" ?(

  • I guess it's too early also so I shall allow you to change your votes as time goes on. You can change your voting during the development of Rising World, if one remembers to keep viewing it. Doubtful.

    We will just have to take turns bumping it I guess... :D

    "If all the world was apple pie, And all the sea were ink. And all the trees were bread and cheese, What would we have to drink?" ?(

  • My 2017 thoughts:

    I want to tame & own a horse so I can get around properly. Even decorating it, as well as having storage on it.

    The second biggest one would be trains. I really REALLY would love a train to connect my settlements & outposts. I would also encourage people to build settlements to visit, even visiting NPC settlements to interact with.

    When building my bridge today I've even been wondering about a little scooter to move around. Doesn't have to be much, just enough to get around quickly.

  • I like both of the leads...

    Horses/camels would be a great addition for transportation and storage, and great for survival games.. (perhaps having to feed the horse or give it water).

    Trains would be sweet for transportation between towns/bases/mines. Also good for survival..(Having to provide fuel like coal/oil/gasoline)

    Even mine carts is a great idea, so Minecraft did it first... so what i say! RW has a way better future then Minecraft ever will! :thumbup: lets take it and own it

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